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That's awesome! I made a zelda style game for my band using your rpg items and tile sets. Turned out pretty cool. We have a space song coming up. Maybe I will make another game!

I was going to ask the same thing! Awesome item set

Woops. I'm cool. 

What do you mean by engine? 

I have no disc, only tile sets and a script.

Hello, I hired a developer this year to make a simple RPG / Pokemon / Zelda type game to go with the release of a single by my band. Despite small delays, we were making progress from February to June. I wrote a script, bought tile sets, tested some screens on my phone and computer. Eventually the project needed to be tested and made playable for iPhones, meaning buying an Apple Developer account, which I did in May.

Long-story short, my developer experienced a series of unfortunate events, ending with the loss of their working computers. And the game is gone.

After sinking money and hope into this project, I need a new developer. I have all the pieces ready for building, including 8-bit versions of our music. I also have a video of the first 2 screens of gameplay to demonstrate where we left off.

  • Turn-based hunting of creatures
  • Cooking mini game
  • 3-5 NPC's
  • 10-15 minutes of game play

I have a very limited budget, but I am serious about making this game!!!
My band is a conceptual progressive funk/rock group, hoping to find (a) long-term collaborator(s). 
If it goes well, we have plans for 
expansions/sequels for more future releases by the band. 

Please make any helpful recommendations. Thanks in advance!