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i dont know if this is a thing but a "global opacity" thing for onion trimming would be useful for animating. it would allow to change the opacity of ALL frames on the fly to remove the extreme tediousness of manually doing it. thanks! -fraus

high res version of this would be nice, thanks.

please make this online! since make it to where each server is hosted on a players computer as opposed to a main server! please, this game is amazing!

pretty much 60fps all the time at max settings

yeah, its actually amazing. one problem i have though is that its quite blurry by default but other than that it very well made!

JESUS, how long did it take to make this ?

NVM, i recently just updated my bios and its working fine now. thanks

win 10 and this is the only game which i have the problem with

how would i go about that? ive spent way to much time finding out nothing

i recently purchased a Ryzen 5 1600 and whenever i launch the game i makes the sound at launch but the screens remains black. this was not an issue with my Ryzen 3 1200. core count maybe?