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Blaze Runner

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ahahah, thanks for this game

Thanks, I appreciate it :)

Hi! Thanks for the review. I appreciate it and it was very helpful. Watching you play it I fear it might have felt a bit too much disorientating, so perhaps I'll try to focus on giving the player clearer directions next time.


Yes, it was my intention to keep it vague, just giving here and there some hints about possible meanings.

I want to try to make something less abstract in the future, where there is a clearer story and an arc. Thank you for the feedback, it is very appreciated! And thanks for playing! :)

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Ahahah, I liked the idea a lot and the esthetics as well. Someone had to do a game about Mass Effect's elevators (because it's the killer feature of the game), so I'm glad you did!

Thanks a lot for the links to Bitsy3D!

It's super cool. But how do you make a 3D game with bitsy?
Btw, I got into the elevator after being fired/quitting. Now I'm stuck. Is it over? I mean, is there no other way? It's quite pessimistic, but I think I get it...

Thank you! :)

Hi! I just released a small game made in Bitsy. Hop you like it!