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Great game! Good controls, and even after the end I'm wondering where the other 50% of the collectibles are @.@

She got onto the shrine but then I kept on moving her around. The camera was fixed on the shrine though.

Love the artwork and theme! The constant heals made it quite easy, even though I couldn't kill enemies without getting hurt.

A game about having a girl in yellow dodge your attacks until she dodges where you want her to.

It seemed alright for an unfinished game, and there were some impressive bits (cloth simulations are pretty cool, and the design of the castle where you snuck in and went around for the porticullis was neat), but the gameplay was a bit lacking. Attacking being the only way of moving the other character made it have a bunch of tedious backtracking.

I pressed E at the shrine after bringing the girl there -- was that the end? I could still move and stuff, so I might've just broke it.

Overall fun game! I got the jet and collected all the coins (including the ones back at the start) -- is that everything?

The graphics and music were nice, though the main character moves quite fast. There were also a few physics glitches I found, such as falling through the floor when walking into a wall, and jumping super high in the air randomly.

How do you go back to the starting house? She keeps returning to the spot in the top right, no matter what direction I press.

How do you destroy the blocks with Xs on them?

The soundtrack and artwork were nice, and the level design did a good job of making the castle seem large and interesting.

On the other hand, it was difficult to tell when things were hit, and there didn't seem to be much of a point to fighting at all -- it seemed better to just skip every enemy instead of risking being hit.

Also the skeletons' aim seemed off. Sometimes they would shoot straight upwards, and sometimes the bone would disappear the moment it left their hands.

Short, interesting, and with a neat aesthetic. I got the flag on the right (winning the game), but is there a way to continue left? It looked like there was content there but I couldn't figure it out.

Great game! I liked many of the mechanics, though I'm a bit sad that I never got to use the volcano-looking spell (since that's right before the end of the game). I also found myself clearing rooms purely to speed up walking.

Did the music change for each boss? It sounded like you put a lot of effort into the music. The side bars being used as an indicator (red = can't pass until everyone is dead, blue = dispel) was a nice touch.

Got to the unfinished part past the rat boss -- is that the final spot for now?