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It's after you've pressed the button the first time. You get to the actual screen where you can click to give 10 Food to gain new followers. But after you've done that it feels like it should say either something like 'There're no more people for you to recruit', or just have you go back to the camp screen, because atm it shows the same text as you get with the first time you recruit but you can't click the button anymore.

Can't check it now since I'm at work but it wasn't possible for me to attack Obstacles other then with my Followers. Had to waste a few attack turns for some loot.

I'll start keeping track of the typos again. Only wrote down one so far but seen several more. One I wrote down yesterday:
3 momentum Settler card with Rage description: 'If unit kills it's target in combat, refresh rage unit.' 'It's' should be 'its'

Have been taking notes during my playthroughs, so here's what I have so far. Mostly going into the things I noticed that I feel are weird/buggy/typos. I loooooove the game, that's why I focus on  the things I think can use some work to make it even better. Special props btw to the new paths you can discover while you travel. Really like that added touch.

- Feel like it's not obvious enough yet when you level up your Leader. Would make more sense to show the earned XP, and how that stacks up to how much you already have/still need, after a battle
- It took me a while to figure out that items you buy that raise Hope need to be shared through the Inventory system. Seems extremely convoluted. Why not have it shared when you buy it, or loot it, like Food and Batteries?
- After you've recruited new followers in a campsite the option remains visible to recruit more followers eventhough it's not truly possible anymore. Same goes for Teachers. Text there even shows you 'This teacher has taught you everything they know'
- Shouldn't you be able to attack Obstacles with Leader cards?
- Guess improved AI is on the docket but it can act pretty strange atm. Not using its attack when it has the Charge ability. Sometimes not attacking with (all) units when it's their turn. Making stupid decisions, like attacking and then afterwards playing +1/+1 on that same card.
- In the event where the first sentence is 'The sun had barely risen above the horizon...' where you can recruit a man and two children it shows two times 'Invite them', but for one option you need 11 Altruism. The regular 'Invite them' also recruits them, so no use for extra option.
- Seen several typos in my playthroughs, don't know if you want me to keep track of them or if you get to going through all the text at a later time anyway?
- Do you not get to see the value of a weapon before you sell it? Don't really get why there's a dismantle option in your Inventory menu when you can also sell them.
- There's a case of text covering up other text with the Poison Dagger. 'Permanent, Positive' disappears a little behind 'Beast Reinforcements'. I'm playing on 1920x1080.
- When you have only Food or Hope, but not both, they still both show up red when you click on a new location to go to. Would look nicer if the one you still have some of would have the normal color.
- The 'Infect' Leader card doesn't work? Can't seem to use it on any unit.
- It seems like when you get a human enemy to surrender it's always the best option to execute them, since it will give you loot from their corpses and loot from winning the match, making the other options a bit useless when an attempt to recruit them can fail (only tried recruiting once).
- The way the game works atm, with opponents retreating fairly quick, there's no use for high-momentum cards. I had the Avatar card in my deck, but never got to a point to use it.

These are my notes after 2 full playthroughs. As said, the game is brilliant! Every scene is worthy of hanging on my wall as a print (giving a hint here that I'd love to be able to buy a print at one point :D).

Ha, I didn't even think about that it could be related to the mouse cursor, but yeah, that makes sense. Since I only play with a gamepad I didn't consider that.

I'm going to visit a friend for the weekend, so I'll definitely try and get some Versus games in so I can finally give some feedback on that too.

Really loving the addition of the asteroid damage to the game. Like Chuck said in the latest devlog; it really makes the gameworld feel more alive. Had a couple of 'oh shit!' moments already when I was in the heat of battle and suddenly a meteor shower came raging through the screen. Cool stuff!

Some small things I noticed, that you might be aware of already: When you start a Survival match the sound is really loud just before the countdown starts, like way louder than the game is when you're actually playing. The other small thing is when you pause a (survival) game the Restart game option is already highlighted as if it was selected.


Wow, didn't expect the abilities to be patched in so quickly, but it's fun to see them. Unlocked all the characters now, but still need to play around with most of them. The quadrilaterals are not working though? Was playing as Sir Cthulhu and could only make triangles.

Ah cool, didn't know that the golden flash was actually supposed to be like that, but then it's definitely working as intended ;).

It's a really fun game and quite challenging. There's a lot going on on the screen when there's a wave of enemies coming in, so you have to be very focused.

I do have some (hopefully constructive) feedback though: It doesn't seem fair that on some startups you immediately get the black hand coming at you, might be nice to add a small delay on that one appearing first. It killed me a couple of times straightaway after I pressed Start.

The fx when you catch a golden enemy are a bit overwhelming atm. I've died a couple of times now just because I couldn't really see anymore what was going on because of the fx from catching that enemy.

In the shop I just wanted to see if one of the skulls gave me buffs or debuffs to specific things instead of just being a cosmetic upgrade, but I just straight up ended buying it. Maybe make buying new skulls a two press of a button? Now I'm on the topic: I know it's only a small game for you, but did you consider adding specific values to different skulls? Like perhaps one gives you a slight boost in timer of your lasers, so they last a little longer, while also giving you a slight percentage less souls per capture? It allows for some cool metas to the game.

Get the desktop app, then your games automatically get updated whenever there's a new update:

Yeah, I can imagine there can be different ways of implementing asteroids like that; from temporarily damaging movement or weapon systems to taking out the shield/destroying a ship. It just makes them something to pay a little more attention to, because at the moment they only throw up a small barrier or push you away a little.

I'm also not that much pro-powerups, but was just trying to think along with fellow players. I can definitely see why it's not something that fits with the current direction of the game. The way your shield regeneration works also severely limits the impact of said powerups. I prefer a more tactile approach to the matches like it must be atm (still need to get around to trying local mp, grrr).

After having the game for a while now I still haven't gotten around to playing it in local multiplayer, but I still wanted to give some feedback based on the Survival mode.

I like how weighty the shots feel. It feels a lot like punches being thrown back and forth. Also the limited range of them is a great idea, so it's not possible to spam each other or the AI from across the screen. You have to get in each other's proximity and that's where the great battles happen.

Another cool thing is that you're able to change the charge up for the shot into a boost dodge when you need to get out in a pinch. It's things like that that add way more depth to the game than it would have had otherwise.

I really like the new additions in the latest patch. Names for the player ships, the functioning war ship. Really cool to be able to use the war ship to lure AI opponents into their striking zone.

One thing that I'd love to see is damage by incoming meteor showers. That they're able to take down your shield for example. Afaik that's not happening now, right?

Someone talked about powerups and that definitely can be a cool thing. The way I see it could be that it's optional for local multiplayer, so that you're able to play the game as is or add powerups to the mix by having it as a selection in the menu. For powerups themselves I was thinking like a shockwave that takes out enemy bullets in its proximity and either blows up/takes down the shield of a very closeby enemy ship or pushes them away. Maybe a double or triple shot (either in a spread out pattern or two/three shots in very quick succession)? A hyperdrive powerup that transports the player to a random location on the screen. Temporary buff to the shield that makes it take two hits before going down? I can probably come up with a bunch more, but this is off the top of my head.

Again, I'm reaaaaaally enjoying the game <3