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The best roguelike snack-builder! On a platter of its own

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You can email them to me at: Or you can upload them on our Discord:

That might be related to the graphics issues, but honestly it's tough to say why that's happening without some debug logs. The same workarounds might also help there 

The issue with graphics not always being visible is a known issue that is unfortunately quite tricky to fix. You can often work around it by playing at a lower resolution or in windowed mode. We hope to fix it in the future, but no ETA on when that might be.

The bug with the Strength Potion duplicating is a more serious bug, and should also be more easy to fix. That for reporting it! We need to look into why it's happening and fix it, hopefully in the next update

Thanks for the bug report, we'll have to investigate more!

In the current build Abyssal Titan is a placeholder to strive towards, but we hope to add more content in the near future :)

There are a few main ways that enemies can block or reduce damage:

  • Shields: each layer of shield nullifies one instance of damage
  • Iron Skin (X): reduces normal damage by X. Doesn't affect damage from other enemies, poison, freezing, ...
  • Frozen: a frozen enemy doesn't take any damage, but hitting them will remove the Frozen effect.
  • Health Gates: these are choke-points where you can't get past them with 1 action (like a card). Only used on the bosses at the moment

Maybe one of these was reducing the damage? I suspect Iron Skin, it's quite easy to miss...

Thank you for playing! Glad you had fun :D

Glad you like it! Darkness makes the game harder, and its how you unlock some of the later content. We might revisit how it works in the future 

That's unfortunate! What device are you trying to play the web build on? The downloadable build might work better 

Sorry! The downloadable build might work better for you. It might also work without making it fullscreen (although that's obviously not as good, just as a test)

Great concept! I love how you captured the nostalgia feeling without doing a 1:1 replication :)

Some of them might seem hard, but they're all definitely solvable

Sorry about the bug. Chrome keeps updating and breaking the old tested behaviour and we don't have the time to keep updating this. Try play in full screen :) 

The initial groups are all handcrafted. The infinite levels are generated procedurally.

Very clever concept! It's pretty fun :)

There's a lot of charm in the game already, so it would be cool to see a bit more polish, but TBH I think it's already great :)

Great to see another game using Yahtzee. I found it a bit difficult to control the character and aim at the same time with a keyboard. Quite a novel concept!

Another fun Yahtzee game! :)

Quite difficult, but fun :)

Clever idea!

Fun little first game! It worked just fine for me from the itch app. Small note: it felt weird to have keyboard for movement/jump, and mouse for clicking through menus. IOW, consistent control scheme would have been nice. Keep jamming!

Interesting concept! Was quite difficult to click on players to move them. 1st map that generated was very tough to navigate for me, close to impossible. Would be keen to see more varied player actions :)

Fund concept! I somehow got confused and didn't realize who was good/evil until quite late. Would have been cool if the dice were thrown closer to where you needed to drag them :)

Clever idea! Nice character animation. I went a little while before realizing how to play. I think it might be good to put an intentional spike somewhere early, so the player has to learn how it works :)

Great theme and nice simple concept! Was kinda expecting the master's master to show up and denounce their apprentice as weak and feeble or something ;)

Clever puzzle design. Fun little experience :)

Very simple and relaxing. Well polished for the time :)

Fun little caper! I liked the different characters and felt like we were building a spiffy squad. Would have liked more nuance to the vault part and/or more of a payoff, but it was still great!

Great atmosphere and fun little concept! I enjoyed playing a few games :)

Thanks for the reports. Unfortunately it does seem like this is a thing that can happen and restarting is the only way to fix it. It didn't happen when I was working on it, but I've also seen it happen in the build now. I'm guessing it's a floating point difference maybe? I can't update the game this week (cause of GMTK Jam), but maybe next week I'll put out a patch that fixes it. Fortunately it's relatively rare and I've gotten through a game without it happening. Frustrating when it does happen tho, sorry!

It should work just fine on a laptop with a recently new browser. What browser are you using?

Thanks for making this! Made a small thing using it:

Thanks for making this! Made a small thing using it:

We're working on an improved version of the game, called Jetstream. Hopefully coming soon to mobile:

Really happy to hear Streamline is calming! <3

Those sound like some good suggestions! However all development effort on this project is currently being directed to Jetstream (, our spiritual successor to Streamline. Besides looking better, having much better audio and other polish changes, Jetstream has quite a few new mechanics, while removing the clunky two-player mode you're referring to (it was a nice experiment, but I agree - it's not as good). We're current working on a procedural generation mode for Jetstream and will be putting out an update with that, as well as bringing it to mobile platforms.

I'd love to also have some sort of level editor, but alas that tends to be an expensive feature to do. We have an internal editor, but it would be a lot of work to get that remotely acceptable for public consumption. Jetstream's procedural levels will be structured a bit differently, so it'll be a bit easier to share them in some ways - think more like groups of daily levels where everyone in the world gets the same set. We're working hard to get that done soon :)

Thanks for playing and your feedback!

Thanks! We've been working on Jetstream ( as a follow up with the same core mechanics but fleshed out a bit more. Maybe that scratches your itch?

I've fixed the scrolling bug before, but unfortunately the ever-changing web standards means that it constantly needs a new fix and I don't have the capacity right now to look into that. Sorry! Hopefully playing in fullscreen or with the itch app is better :)

Thanks! It's currently not open source, and I don't have plans to open source it. I might revisit it at some point to add more levels or some sort of procedural generator, but it's not a priority.

I'm not quite sure what the missing "sauce" for this idea is. I have a feeling it needs a bit more design of the underlying system to make it fun. More cards would add variety, but I think it would need a better longer-term goal and a more logical reason for why the annual political power cost keeps increasing. Reigns did this quite well (and was a big influence for this game) but that doesn't directly carry across for Tiny Politics (I also don't want to re-make Reigns). I'll likely have to rethink it a lot and combine it with another mechanic or system or something.

Thanks for the kind words! I really want to come back and work on them more when I have some time in the future, especially Soko Match :)