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Thanks for reporting that :)
We have fixed this issue in the current (internal) version.

Didn't know about the second one, thanks.

A bit slow. We are trying to fix problems people told us about in the demo, the biggest one being battles.

I will make a devlog regarding details in the coming weeks.

Hey Rick, have you installed OpenAL?

(You can install it by double clicking the oalinst.exe file that is in the game folder)


Thanks. As it's the 3rd battle system already, we pretty sure don't want to build a 4th.

Ok sorry, I don't know what that could be. If you can provide PC specs that will give me a bit better idea.

Are you on Windows or Mac? If you are on Windows, have you installed oalinst.exe?

Made a mini trailer. It's in the first post.

Thank you so much leafo, I will try to put something together.

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Frameland is a retro inspired RPG brought into the modern age.
The story is not about you. You are just in it.

This is demo is around 45 minutes of playtime.

Other aspects of the game:

  • No random encounters
  • Turn Based Battles
  • Items found are the main component to defeat enemies
  • A mysterious world to explore

Would love to get some feedback on this.

Thank you!
We should have the next demo ready early July.