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Wut!! Dude this looks awesome! Pity you don't support Linux, BUT, I'm half tempted to boot into Windows just to try this out! Fuck it! That's what I'm gonna do! Also, having to deal with taxis on the Eastrand everyday, this might be some much-needed comic relief! Good job man!

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Islands would break the whole point of this game. If you want an island game with rafts, go play Stranded Deep. This is purely ocean survival so it should just be left as it is.

Some suggestions:

  • Crafting: More crafting items, definitely.
  • Food/Drink: Naturally, make food/water drop slower. Right now its crazy fast. IF it's possible, drop the water slower when under a roof(floor). Dehydration should be a risk, but create a system where there is a player-under-floor check. Or just create the floors with a cube volume, and slow dehydration down when inside that volume.
  • Construction: The stairs are crazy big. Maybe add in a rope ladder? Will save on space and also prevent those nasty bugs :) More things to do with metal, yeah, especially upgrading the wooden structures to stop that f***ing shark from eating my house!
  • Gameplay: The day/night cycle is really fast. You could slow that down to 20 minutes of day (dawn=3 minutes; dusk=3 minutes; daytime=14 minutes) and 10 minutes of night. The shark seems to attack in 4-5 minute intervals, or there about. Maybe randomise that? I agree with the shift-click mechanic. Would help store items faster!
  • Weapons: As far as weapons go, the spear does the trick well enough. Maybe being able to throw it at that f***ing shark would be an added bonus.
  • Resource Gathering: Fishing nets are another good idea. Also, while on the fishing topic, maybe dont let me catch fish through the floor boards? I can literally fish anywhere on my raft without needing to cast into open water.

BUT, this game shows incredible promise, and it is certainly a game I will keep playing for a long time to come.

I hope you guys plan to sell this game at some point, the potential is there, just dont stray too close to other *similar* games.

I know the dev said no Multiplayer, but how hard could it be to implement something like Photon? He doesnt have to make it some intense thing where every bit of replication is coded. Hell, use Playmaker + Photon Networking.... Awesome game though, would be nice with weapon customization and loadouts with unique slots etc.

Cant wait to play the update!

Just one suggestion: KD! Would be awesome to see how many AI i have killed and perhaps a kill breakdown (pressing tab to see team and opponent KD) ?

Epic and fun! I find myself coming up with excuses to take breaks during the day just to play it!