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The game is too hard.

You didn't really fixed bug which caused Baldi to ignore detention after getting all three problems in the YCTP wrong. I got into detention while running and Baldi  ignored that I was in detention.  Also, what is with the black screen roaming around to get me as soon as I get caught by Baldi and why does Gotta Sweep looks so different as with the hall of fame says in the principal's office. And I still can't beat this game.

please be kind.  My 12-year-old son with autism left this message.   I was so happy he was able to express himself in words, something he isn't able to do easily.  It took him almost an hour to write that message.  I guess he was motivated enough this time.  

I know this is a good game, but it took me a very long time to get an account like about 30 days.  But can I ask you a favor? Since you call this a complete school, I think it needs a cafeteria and a gym and a playground and a music class and a security system and a chef and a guy that handles the security system and a coach and a playroom and a science fair and another level and a basement and windows on single doors.  When I go to school, I see these things. I also want an easier mode because I still can't beat the game!   Maybe you can add these because you don't have them in your game.  But I really like the game a lot.