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Yeah, and I can already see them now. > 

You can see the monsters of TBMK2.

Dog House 3 would may even take 2 years to release.

It would be stupid if Garten of Banban characters were added.

Yes because Doghouse 3 didn't come out yet.

The new voice for Amanda sounds like Vanellope von Schweetz.

I thought there could be a sequel to this game, don't you agree?

I hope it doesn't have something bad, like gore.

Are you gonna make "Celeste 2" since this is a classic?

I remember there being a one (and/or not) two of the game.

I found it here!

I thought you could make a Classic version of the game for mobile or etc that just includes the Daytime challenge with the original main-menu and map.

I don't even know where the Daytime music is.

I have an idea for 1.4. Add a video-game console that has a game based off of the TV series; "Amanda the Adventurer".

I also want that as well but I am on Fedora.

Could you make your next game about working at a farm?

Doghouse 2 fan-game: 

Feed your cat.

Link to the fan-game: here

I was watching a video about an "Amanda the Adventurer" happy meal and they said the "Amanda the Adventurer" happy meal is real. It seems like in the video that the happy meal of "Amanda the Adventurer" was actually a Disney happy meal with no "Amanda the Adventurer" plushy. I was guessing that maybe there could be happy meals of "Amanda the Adventurer" if McDonald's wanted to.

Also, this is a "DO NOT AT 3AM" video I was watching. In the video, they said that there was blood in the happy meal, and I think it was actually ketchup that looks like blood because how and where would they get blood? The video was actually funny in some way because they talked about that the ketchup was Woolie's blood, the yellow jello was chunky pee pee, the tuna was spoiled, there was deodorant because she was stalking Tony Grundy knows he is stinky, there was baby food, there was a paper that had a picture of Amanda on the front of the paper and at the back of it had "CHEESE BURGER OUTSIDE" written big on it, and etc. The funniest part was the final part where there was Dora from "Dora the Explorer" in their house and knew it was actually a person in a Dora suit and it ended up trying to murder the victims!

The link; "", doesn't exist anymore.

I can't even look around fully! It keeps resetting my looking-position! I am playing it on the web because this game is not made to be executable on Linux.

Seems like I was wrong about the next update coming in 7/17/22.

Has anyone modded this game?

Has anyone modified this game?

I predict the next update will come in 7/17/22.

I finally found the secret ending!

I finally found the 2nd ending!

I finally found the 4th ending!

I am having trouble finding the 2nd and 4th ending.

So what happened to ("Doghouse 3"/"KIOSK")? It is now not on "".

I've watched this video about a secret ending, and I thought it shouldn't be real and was edits or modding. And if it was real, then there should've been secret files that are linked to it.

I also see another video about this but in "The Man from the Window" instead of "Amanda the Adventurer."

This game is really hard, like it is impossible! How do you escape the monster? I kept running but my stamina keeps running out quickly!

When KIOSK comes out, it might be the 3rd one of Doghouse.

The downloadable file is not also for Linux.