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Super fun little blast of fps action with nice style. I enjoyed this a lot.

I've done two playthroughs of this and I'm looking forward to a third. This has such a clever fusion of narrative point and gameplay, plus so many interesting paths and characters. It's really great. I love how the story deepens the more I play through it.

Only thing I'd change - it would be great to have a new game + mode to explore the world more fully.

Got this in the bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and found it to be a really clever way to tell a story. Especially glad an android apk was included here so I could experience it on my phone.

I came into this game a bit skeptical and was totally won over by the end. The characters are all so well-designed and well-written; this was a really charming, intimate little game that left me smiling once it was over.