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Played the first chapter before this, while I do think this one paints Michelle differently, it felt like it came to the same conclusion as the first one. With her feeling extremely unhinged. I have to say hearing what I could only assume about her come from her own head made me significantly more uncomfortable than when I was viewing her world from Doug's perspective, so mission accomplished. Interested to see where this story goes in the future.

Remarkable experience! when I first scrolled past this it didn't look like something I'd play, but changing my mind has never been a more eye opening decision. 11/10

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I noticed that and thought the buttons on the top left of the about menu being interactive were pretty cool, as for the music, I meant more like where can I find the actual song and not just the names for the songs. Thanks in advance. Edit: I can't find "all we do is hurt each other - kaiko" but all the other songs I've been able to find.

Hey anyone know where I can find the music to this game? It's very beautiful and I wanted to listen to it outside of the game.