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Cute little VN, pretty good sprite work, pretty good BG's, e.t.c.
My only negative is that I don't have much to say about it, it's a fairly straightforward meet-cute that is well made. Overall a good thing though so no worries.

I fell off my chair in surprise when I saw this, playing the first game in year 9 I have only fond memories of it. This one's taken a risky step I actually think payed off.

Feel like 2 takes a lot more "controversial" topics (Min's entire arc *no spoilers*) but they all assist in building characters and tying in side characters that didn't mean all that much before. Really related to Noelle's bit specifically. Nice job once again.

Haven't even gotten all the endings yet, and I'm still pretty impressed. I've played visual novels with horror themes on a much longer development time than this one and, while that occasionally shows, I would be lying if I said they weren't telling their story on a similar level of expertise. Really well made.

Not the game dev but I do have some advice, the files in the game folder are a pretty good tell to what engine/platform the game is made on. Renpy games will have a renpy file for example and unity games should have a unity icon on one of the files in the game folder. This game has a renpy folder so it's made in renpy (or is at least using renpy in it's development process). I don't have an advanced understanding of this but I've played enough visual novels to notice the trend. Not a solid answer but it might tide you over.

I really liked the experience as a blanket friend making experience, although I think the twist is a bit weird and out of place. (Spoilers, duh)

So we actually want to "kill" everyone we interacted with throughout the duration of the game (not sure if that's the case, it feels both implied and not implied) but it doesn't really get acted on besides some maniacal planning and occasional self gloating. But then Twyla was the murderer of the previous student who occupied our dorm, thing is that also felt swept under the rug by the twist surrounding our actual intentions, and then Twyla's motive isn't even revealed in the slightest and her character development doesn't seem to apply any agenda or "doing it for the lolz" kinda thing. Plus she doesn't feel unhinged enough to not have a reason. Basically each path that culminates into the end of the game is seemingly roadblocked before it can actually properly end. It felt a bit confusing and unresolved.

Although I do think this is partially mitigated by the characters, each of their arcs having an "ending" sort of counteracts how weird the actual ending is. And in a way each of them being presented at a drastically different quality sort of makes sense in emphasizing how strong they would be as actual friends. For example Crowven's path kinda sucks, but it makes sense because he can be a bit of a sucky friend. But Theo's path really surprised me because deep down he has a lot more depth to his character.

So yeah basically by the end I was wishing I could just stay friends with everyone and was kind of let down by how it actually ended, because of how much fun I had getting there.
This is really the biggest example of "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey" that I've seen in gaming in general. 7/10.

yeah it's a bit of a head cannon, and anything I say to those two points would definitely be reaching a bit, but I like the idea so it'll stay in the back of my mind.

About Oriel and Noir, I know nothing mind you, but I feel like there's a chance that they were always part of Mercredi's downfall. As in they aren't real. If I recall correctly they only ever appear in isolation alongside Mercredi and don't have any interaction with the rest of the cast. Plus it's a bit suspicious that alongside this one of them is a slightly snide, but in an attempt at humour, sheep and one of them is an entirely animalistic wolf. It's like they're the two sides of Mercredi.
If you want to reach further Pascal says Mercredi's jokes aren't funny, and there's definitely not much positive reception from her in response to Oriel's mocking tone.
(also Oriel has golden eyes, like Mercredi once had in her flashbacks)

Shockingly good story, I'll just briefly mention the art style and character design (both in writing and appearance) because both of those are also really good, but not my main take away. This feels like a "Joker" story done right, it doesn't really come off as cringe or haha society lol, but it feels like it has a lot of depth in the actual descent into a form of madness (spoilers from here on out) I loved the detail of the acceleration of Mercredi's violent tendencies as soon as she hears Mardi's story. The character you've grown to love just disappears in an instant and almost just as quickly everyone feels against her. And at the end when there's maybe a shrivel of hope for her redemption it's to late. It might be harsh but now I can't imagine the story without it.
There's so many other themes I can see and feel from this to, and I have to congratulate you for making such a good novel while juggling all those different elements that make Mercredi more likable to more detestable in a viable manner. 10.1/10!

Played the first chapter before this, while I do think this one paints Michelle differently, it felt like it came to the same conclusion as the first one. With her feeling extremely unhinged. I have to say hearing what I could only assume about her come from her own head made me significantly more uncomfortable than when I was viewing her world from Doug's perspective, so mission accomplished. Interested to see where this story goes in the future.

Remarkable experience! when I first scrolled past this it didn't look like something I'd play, but changing my mind has never been a more eye opening decision. 11/10

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I noticed that and thought the buttons on the top left of the about menu being interactive were pretty cool, as for the music, I meant more like where can I find the actual song and not just the names for the songs. Thanks in advance. Edit: I can't find "all we do is hurt each other - kaiko" but all the other songs I've been able to find.

Hey anyone know where I can find the music to this game? It's very beautiful and I wanted to listen to it outside of the game.