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You will be doing a lot of PICO art huh? If so, keep it up. Impressive display overall, especially when it comes to creatures.

Nice work

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

Keep em coming. Still wish to know how you developed your pixel art style

I feel I could learn a lot using your pixel art as a basis, but I feel that could be a bit plagiarist of me

Fabulous as always. I have been trying to work on my won pixel art, and your work has inspired me to do so for my own game projects.

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Talented you are. I wish I could pixel art like this.

Thank you. Still improving and doing tweeks here and there. Thanks again for the gun assets! Will show how this may turn out one day.

Very impressive. I started working on a side project with the guns. You should see the video of what I am trying to work on.

Deeply Impressed. What would you consider good combinations for a Cyberpunk Shooter Game?

Cool. Been thinking of developing a project with these involving a "semi-idle" adventure game.

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Do you by chance have any plans to have a character firing these or do you have any type of advice to how I can create one to fit these.

Very impressive

I will

I am deeply impressed with your VFX. I've wanted to make games involving magical/futuristic effects much like the ones you have presented here (though in pixel art). I hope to see more work from you in the future!

You've done a lot of fairly thought out projects. I hope to learn more from your work.


You have done a great work with this one.

Thanks for this. This could help out big time.

love the left-click hit effect in the example you have shown. Hope to use this particle system and these animations on my project I am currently working on.

Well, this is quite a top quality sprite work. Cudos to you.

You have me respect, Stealthix. I hope to use your visuals for the game I am developing:

I hope to show how it performs.

How is this for platformer games?