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Fantastic Work


The legend returns

Well...more money to pour into more fabulous work!

Very impressive. This may help me with my teaching classes.


Nice. Where did you make this asset? I am thinking of a 2D platformer with a neon theme but I am unsure how to go about it.

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I'm impressed. Will see if I can get this in the future.

Great Job.

I think this is from the pixel game, Duelyst...

What do you use to make these effects?

Phenomenal work. I never got the hand of making my own effects with Pixel FX Designer myself, but you did very well with the tool.

Phenomenal work. I am still trying to master some things on my own, but I hope even I can make the artwork you do here.

Always simple but animation is on point. Great job.

The time may come when I will purchase your work to make something really special.

Impressive work

Amazing simplicity. These things you have been doing could make for an very interesting sci-fi style game.

...and there it is. [Purchases and tests it immediately].

I'm watching your work closely. Deeply impressed.

Great work. Simple yet detailed.

I'm just starting to understand Godot, and I am impressed with this work you did here.

Amazing simplicity.

I'm impressed with your style. SImple but expressive. I'm trying to work on my own pixel art myself studying other styles other artists use and seeing which would feel better with me.

[Attempts to absorb Thomas Lean's pixel art style with mystical is not at all effective]. Amazing work.

Hello PixelatedPope:

Glad you are still doing well. I am thankful for the work and the tutorials you bring to all of us in the GMS2 community devs. WIll definitely purchase this one and support it.

Stay safe and keep well.

I'll try this out and see if I can present my results. Once again, thanks for this project engine. I have been following tutorials on card games through uheartbeast's older tutorials and have been slowly progressing a few things for a friend who wanted to learn how to make one card game himself.

Will be back to share.

Bought this to compare notes and I am deeply impressed with the work you put into it. I have been trying to figure out how to make a room where you can customize your own deck, but not too sure how to organize such a project. Any ideas?

I'll be keeping an eye on your work.

I might draw a lot of inspiration from your work. GG.

Is this a sprite sheet of greyboxes? (I tend to use Gamemaker and I am just interested in how this can help my projects)

I'll give this a shot.

Colored me impressed!

I didn't think much since when I bought this I was using the older version. Now testing the newer version I must say I am deeply grateful for this.

The path someone made using your SEEVN was:

"C:\Users\info\Desktop\Projects\Michael Nalvarte [Song of Blood and Giants]"

Does the path we have a SEEVN file have to have no spaces or special characters or something?

Ah! Another submission from you. Well done Yal!

Eager to see what you will be working on next.

I made some pixel art inspired by your style for my solo project. Here is a vid of the current update of my game:

Neat job!