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What did you use to make these models?

It's a design decision.
The movement the player takes are tweens to new positions. I purposely made it so that the player and every entity in the game move in a grid while the combat and everything else is real-time (Megaman Battle Network is a solid example of what I am going for).

The whole requiring to stand still when to move was intended as each shot was to be made specifically in a row.
I've left feedback on your Lua.Playground project. VERY impressive visuals and work put into it.

This feedback of mine is coming from one that also does STEM jobs teaching game development to students:

As an educational project, I find the visuals your present and the instructions clear enough to be playable and fun

The camera movement for the commands feel smooth enough and clear enough to get an idea where to go

There are two things that should be made clear:

  1. What the objective of each level should be (an indicator of where the player should go can be added)
  2. How far each step in the Move() function takes. It should be clear how far you are going if you want the player to reach the goal. There have been many times I had to restart the level because I failed to use the correct argument value for Move()

Other than that, I find the project to be promising for an educational title.

Looking for feedback on a project idea I might plan on expanding in the future.

Been watching your tutorials, studying them and learning to make my own animations. One day, I hope you get to see what I've been cooking up. In the meantime, purchasing this lovely asset soon.

Phenomenal as always.

1. (Sees another wonderful tutorial on Aseprite from penusbmic)
2. (Instantly buys it)
3. (Fail to elaborate further)

Much appreciate this, bud!

GG, Pat

Sweet work

Your top-down work has been on point recently.

Offering a tutorial on your process?


I'm more interested how you got to this level of animation skill Otsoga. Double the props on this one.

It's always great to see you providing these tutorials and tips on how you've done your pixel art. Been using them to work on my own game.

Great to see your work again. Wonderful stuff here.

Impressive making a visual novel game with GDevelop. How long do you intend to make the full visual novel game?

Color me impressed

Phenomenal work here. Have heard of this project. Glad to see it out like this.

No worries. I have actually decided on changing the mechanic so that movement increases the damage of the next attack instead. Infinite ammo FTW.

The concept I have backed up for gaining ammo via motion comes from "Automatic Watches" [or Self-Winding Watches]. Watches that provide energy via natural motions. The theme I am going with this prototype is something of a Steampunk, and the protagonist discovers a weapon that utilizes that tech.

Thanks for providing the feedback.

What advice would you give to design background such as this @Penusbmic?

You never cease to amaze me with your designs for these ability effects.

Managed to snag this tutorial to see your process. Glad and appreciate you are sharing it.

Fantastic Work


The legend returns

Well...more money to pour into more fabulous work!

Very impressive. This may help me with my teaching classes.


Nice. Where did you make this asset? I am thinking of a 2D platformer with a neon theme but I am unsure how to go about it.

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I'm impressed. Will see if I can get this in the future.

Great Job.

I think this is from the pixel game, Duelyst...

What do you use to make these effects?

Phenomenal work. I never got the hand of making my own effects with Pixel FX Designer myself, but you did very well with the tool.

Phenomenal work. I am still trying to master some things on my own, but I hope even I can make the artwork you do here.

Always simple but animation is on point. Great job.

The time may come when I will purchase your work to make something really special.

Impressive work

Amazing simplicity. These things you have been doing could make for an very interesting sci-fi style game.