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Hello, would it be possible to get access to a source code, once I purchase your game? I'm very curious about some mechanics and really love the retro art style. If not, would you be so kind and let me contact you on discord to discuss some stuff. :) Thank you 

This game is exactly what you need when you get bored with you teammate. Try it together!

Beauty lies in simplicity and this game looks simply bat has so much potential. I really like the combat style and main character. Simply... GREAT :) 

Great job Karhal. I like the art and visuals with combination of music. Firstly I was confused by the tree part when you can just stay next to it, but afterwhile it was pretty smooth. It would be nice to have longer version of the game with more story :)

Hello Sreenington and thank you for your review. What exactly did you mean by saying:"I was keen on playing something liek that". Do you think the name is confusing? I initially wanted to make a joke and use such name. I hope i will get rid of this stress unducing and make it more fluent and easygoing at the start. It should be more balanced and I hope I will get help from people. I find very difficult to make some curve with balanced difficulty :) 

Hello nachodlv, thank you for your review. I will definitely make some balancing changes and add more clear overview about animals who are running around because you're not first person who says it's hard to track :D This is pure concept and I hope I will polish this game quickly and make it more playable. 

I really enjoyed this game and have to say that I will invest more time in the gameplay because I want to get in further levels :)

Hey thanks a lot Guilherme :) I played your game and I love the style and dynamics, the idea reminds me Pushy game from PS1, a little bit. I will give more time to you game because I enjoyed first level :) 

Hello Misekn and thank you for your feedback. I already know about this bug and I'm going to fix it in upcoming release. :)  I tried to explain  as much as I could but there was no time to pay attention on this thing. You're right and I will rework the introduction, I will probably make screenshot tutorial. 

Thank you for your comment. The bug you're describing is not happening me, when I click on Credits from Main Menu, i can click on Accept and this closes the Extras panel. :) Can you try it? 

Hello, sorry and thank you for reply. I will do that immediately.