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Fougarou Productions

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Thank you :-)

MESSAGE START: While traveling through the stars, I played this beautiful game that invoked so many emotions with very little. The music, the graphics, the narrative, all these things I will remember as long as my memory does not fail me. ...Thank you!. MESSAGE SENT FROM A FELLOW TRAVELLER ON THE LEFTFIELD

Merci Rémi! Indeed, that was one of the themes I wanted to explore in the game. I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

I'm very happy you enjoyed my game Rondaar! Thank you for your feedback. It warms my heart.

Thanks Traumaturge! Indeed we are ;-) As you stated, part of the experience is in figuring out the flow of energy in the game and see if we agree with what it tells us about our life. Cheers!

Thanks for the head's up. The game is indeed meant to be played in a browser. Cheers!

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Hello everyone.

I'm proud to present to you Productions Fougarou's latest game, Mon Samsara.

Mon Samsara is a transformative game exploring our life habits. It is a simple life-simulator game which encourages self-reflection and discussion over the player's consumption and relationship habits. A play session lasts approximately 12 minutes and players are encouraged to replay the game to deepen their understanding of the game's underlying systems and values and their perspective on them.

Try it and let me know what you think!