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I wish I knew this game better so I could appreciate the snaps more. But their celestial quality is quite moving. Bravo to your efforts required to capture what you sought.

love these!

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A unique departure from the typical chat experiences one can have online these days. It really encourages the mind (and conversation) to wander into creative, nostalgic and rambling directions like a real road trip often does. Some real-time sunrise/sunset implementation would add a sense of "progress", in a way. The radio station transmission bubbles add a kind of texture to the view, but I would enjoy those borders being invisible and even more gradual. Similar to how radio stations can unexpectedly fade in, fade out and even overlap IRL. Looking forward to more drives. thank you!

my review

No problem. Thanks for the reply. Let me know how I can help, like sharing a log or something.

Having a lovely time on windows desktop mode w/xboxone controller. But often when I access the camera I cannot see the control adjustments nore can I leave the camera view until I access, then exit, the menu. I've noticed it happens more frequently when I've pulled everything completely out of focus. Hope you can help. Thank you

QOL update certainly improved movement and feel. What are the controls for gamepad? My Xbox1 controller is connected via BT. I can move, run and jump but that's it.

That's okay. Thanks for the reply : )

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Lovely experience. Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this and your Grannies experience, Ian. Any chance you could add on a designated photo capture button for the controller, pls?

Consider me another advocate for the ability to toggle the logo/coordinates. It's a nice concept that if you share a picture of the island you're opting to not keep it private, in a way. But I have a number of compositions that would be so much stronger were it not for the extra noise. TY

I was right at the base of that structure, among the blobby rocks. Felt like I was frozen between them all. I thought maybe I was stuck in the photo feature at first but that wasn't the case.

Very cool experience so far. I got stuck near these blobby rocks under the..."spectral door hive"

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Very fun! Game won't let me Quit once I'm captured though. Guess I'll Retry instead. (windows) edit: running from website btw

I'd love to hear your electronic rendition of the iconic AG theme song for that level lol

This snap of the creature on top of the building made me think how cool it would be to see an obstacle course-style level wherein the player has to traverse various buildings and architecture doing as little damage as possible. Teetering structures or spinning objects that send your creature out of control briefly could add to the challenge. Maybe in VS the person w/the least amount of damage wins. Also, what if there was a Jenga tower-looking building and players have to remove parts trying not to make the building collapse (there could be a movable/raisable platform that holds the creature and that the player controls)? Your snap inspired a lot of ideas! Now I want to scale a building!

Really enjoying this. Thanks!

Yes, please.

I would love to know where I could download the music, please. I feel so Empty without it.

Is Team Meeting Games on the Twitter?

Worker is tired and stressed. Could the kindly King offer a soothing soundtrack and colorful characters? Y