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Great series, I was stuck for a while at the beginning and at the forest. It took me 2 hours but I finished it. Thanks for these games :D

I enjoyed very much playing this game, it’s short but entertaining and the voice acting makes it more funny.

What an entertaining game! The puzzles were challenging but not to the point of desperation. It took me two hours to finish it, but it was time well spent, I only got stuck a bit with the three little birds. The music helped me focus and the art is really pretty. Thank you!

The artwork, voice acting,sound effects and music choices are fantastic! The puzzles are easy to solve. Even though is was made in a short amount of time, it shows the care you put in every detail. It’s short but fun to play.

I just finished playing this and it was so much fun, so I wanted to thank you for making it. I enjoy playing your Spy Quest games, I wish you can keep making them, I appreciate the pixel art and the humor, Agent N’s missions are amusing, the easter eggs from the first game are great too. Adding voices for the characters was a superb addition. This are the kind of games that I enjoy the most.

I am fairly new to this kind of games, but I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. I got stuck once, I didn’t know how to convince the receptionist, so I checked the hint page (thanks for making it). I had a bit of trouble typing the password for the AdvJam2018, I had to look up the right combination of keys because the distribution of my keyboard is in another language. I had a fun couple of hours with this game, I’m left wishing there was more to play. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate it, I know making games is not easy and even short games take a lot of time, so thank you.

I was having the same problem. I closed the process in the Task Manager and executed the app again and it works fine now.

Muchas felicidades, es una experiencia agridulce que hace reflexionar. Está muy bien escrita, mientras jugaba podía imaginar las voces de los personajes. Me ha parecido una experiencia similar a leer a Juan Rulfo. La música me encantó, ayuda a entrar en la trama y es preciosa.

¡Hola! He jugado y me ha parecido interesante el concepto, sobre todo la mecánica de que cuando Ellie se aleja de Amanda empiece a aparecer el Ente, me ha recordado esos videos como el de contar las bolas en el vestido de una niña y cuando más concentrado estabas, te sale una imagen aterradora.

El diseño de audio me ha gustado, ayuda a entrar en el juego, lo que me ha sacado un poco es que hay varias faltas de ortografía: faltan acentos y hay palabras mal escritas: razgos, conendada, nisiquiera.

También me parece que se podría usar algún indicativo de que se está resolviendo la secuencia correctamente, como un efecto de sonido o visual.

Me he quedado con ganas de descubrir más de la historia de ambas chicas y qué más encierra la mansión.

Wow, thanks! 

Muito obrigado por jogar!

I lost my game progress. I saw a sort of fix on a post in the game's Steam community, but the files provided there didn't have all the areas I have already cleared.  I found out that there were two folders with the game's data, 'C:\Users\itch-player-...\AppData\LocalLow\Adriaan de Jongh\Hidden Folks' and 'C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\Adriaan de Jongh\Hidden Folks', in the latter were the .data files with my saved progress. I copied both files to the first folder and it worked.

It was fun! I thought Dodger would be time travelling again, but I enjoyed it nevertheless, things are a little bit mysterious and unsettling in this chapter. The story gets interesting, I don't know if Dodger should trust Tenas. I'll be waiting for chapter three. 

Thank you for this games!

This is the first text parser game I have ever played and I loved it! I enjoyed it quite a bit, although at first I was a little lost and I needed a few hints, I was able to complete it. 
Thanks for the game!

Ha sido un deleite jugar esta demo y me he quedado con (muchas) ganas de más. Felicidades por tan excelente trabajo, me ha impresionado la calidad que tiene y más al leer que es desarrollado por una sola persona, se nota el amor con que está hecho todo en lo cuidado que está cada detalle . La historia me ha parecido muy interesante, llevo varias horas dándole vueltas al dilema de la princesa. El diseño de personajes y el arte me parecen fantásticos; la música, exacta... qué más puedo decir, espero con ansias el relanzamiento de la campaña en Kickstarter, ya que me acabo de enterar del juego y no alcancé la anterior. ¡Mucho éxito!

Sweet and fun game, I loved the D&D session! I wish it wasn't so short and I could keep barding harder! Enjoyed all the characters and their interactions with each other, the art and music are cool too. Vulcuzar's story was funny and interesting. 

I really liked this game, it took me some time to understand how my decisions affected the outcome, but the story is interesting enough to keep going and discover the truth, particullarly after "they" kicked me out. I enjoyed it a lot more with the music off because sometimes it didn't go well with the seriousness of the game. I played for about 2 hours and ended with a headache because of the bright flashing colors, I understand that they are there to represent the different characters, but after some time it gets annoying and interferes with the game experience. 

I was stuck at that point too. Click on play instead of load and after a few lines of dialogue, things start to change

I really liked this demo. I'm not an experienced player, so it took me a little while to understand how to use the map, also I got stuck because I couldn't figure out how to enter the laboratory. I really liked that the music is enjoyable and enhanced the playing experience, although I sometimes missed spoken dialogue, the story is interesting enough. The demo left me wanting to play more and discover what comes next in the story! Wishlisted!

I really enjoyed playing the demo, took me 18 minutes to complete it. I liked the idea of having to search for VHS tapes to unveil clues and bits of the story. I also like the low poly style combined with the voice acting. Going back and forth in time reminded me of The Silent Age, I loved that game and was wondering if there would be another one with the same mechanic, glad I found yours. I hope you get to finish it. Thank you!

Awesome game! I like the concept, a spin on the platform games that makes it interesting and keeps you thinking in different ways to solve the puzzles. I had a really fun time playing this and hope you develop it further.