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Hello TwoBeerGames I watch your videos and i really loved the Demo i think it has a lot of potencial.

I wanted to give you feedback about a bug that i run into. When im going up the ramp and if i keept the "w" pressed while i was falling i would gain a forward velocity. 

I will show it in video.

Hope you have a great time develop this game!

Thank you for the review! we are aware of the bug but for us the bug wasnt happening.

I really love the ambience and the artstyle!

I couldn't play it :(

Thank youu!

Thank you!

Thank you for the review! We didnt try doing an outline for the tiles that is well thought thank you!

Thank you so much for the positive review!!

Thank you so much for the review! And we are aware of the player mechanics not being good enough sorry about that! 

Thank you for the review! we wanted to do the all of the artstyle of the game but we didnt have time so we just did the player artstyle and use already done assets for the rest

Thank you for the review!, The problem with the jump is that sometimes the character slides a little when he is walking so its look like he is walking on ice

Thank you!!!

Thank you very much AD4m for the review, we are aware of the jump bug but we didnt have time to fix it, sorry!! :D

Thank you so much Shabzinho for this awesome review!!

Thank you so much for the review!!! I really appreciate it!

Thank you! 

I really loved the difficulty of the game!! 

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you for the post, we opted for the "ice floor" to add more difficulty in the game because is only a 4 level game and we wanted the people to get frustrated but challenged. Thank you for your review!

I put the up numbers in the description

Hello AlphaDen, i put some screenshots of the gameplay, im still a noob but i hope that the images are good

Thank you, you such a beautiful person, you brought tears to my eyes too with that comment.

Thank you very much for the review! It's a good idea, the endless runner. 

I choose to use the 1:1 movement because the game is supposed to be fast paced and doing the interpolation or smoothness of the movement it will no longer be the reaction time of the person but the reaction and a delay. For the Time, i tried to round the Time into a integer but i couldn't do it. In relation to the UI, they look a simple because i tried to focus my time into the gameplay and i did rush a little bit the UI because i didn't have enough time. And in regard of the learning i didn't learn nothing new it was more like a mind refresh.

Thank you so much for the review!!

Thank you so much for the review! I didn't put sound because i didn't find a playlist that fits the game in my perspective and decided to just go soundless and let the people put their own music(Spotify, Youtube, etc). But Thank you for the review! :D

- This is a space shooter game that focus on speedruns and getting the best score/heath ratio.

- You can only use the mouse for moving the spaceship.

 - Each meteorite gives you points but if you touch or let the meteorite pass you lose points and life.

 - The objective of this game is to make as many points in 30 seconds 

 - One side note, you can have negative points its part of the difficulty of the game.

 Models used by:

Particles effects used by: