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Thank you! I like to keep my games simple and not burry the gameplay under layers of control options, menus and achievement systems.  That is the official explanation anyway. :)

Yes, perhaps healing the player at the start of a new mission would be fair. It is difficult for me to change this now, since the game is getting older and the language it was written in is not officially supported anymore.  Maybe I will make a sequel some day!

Thanks for the feedback!

Hi, this was actually programmed in one of the predecessors of Blitz Max, namely Blitz Basic. (Technically it is Blitz 3d but no 3d is used.) The code is not publicly available, also because of its age.

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This game uses the LÖVE framework. (

Max Downforce is an arcade racer in the style of Pole Position. It features two tracks, and keyboard and gamepad support. The goal is to finish 10 laps before the timer runs out, which is reset after each lap. The music is by Thanks to Son Link and Max Downforce is now available for Linux in addition to Windows. The Lua/LÖVE source code is on GitHub:

Game page

Video of the first track

Grand prix is a racing game written in Blitz Max in 2013. I was inspired by Pole Position, Outrun, and other such games that I played on the Commodore 64. Like those games it uses 2d techniques to create a 3d look. Controls are the arrow keys for throttle, brake, left and right. The goal is to complete lap after lap before the timer reaches zero. The cool music is by Ken Snyder / coda (

Game page: