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Indeed they are two different persons.

Based on your link I did some searching and it was announced on the Blitzcoder website:
At the end of that thread (2nd page) the contestants were waiting for the results of the competition. I don't remember there being an actual result! :)

Unfortunately it would be a problematic because of extra features I added, but also because the Monkey programming language this was made in, is not supported anymore. So it is a bit out of reach for me at this point. Still I want to thank you for your comment. The original Wizard Battle I wrote in 2004 so that is almost 20 years ago now!

Sorry, the code is not on Github. It is also a bit old (2012). Which effect do you mean? Maybe I can explain. :)

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Thank you! It is a remake of an earlier game, so not my own idea, but still. I tried to make it so that the pattern stays possible to solve (no two dogs landing at the same time), but at some stage it does become very difficult.

Thank you! If you mean the name of the song, it is 'Future Shock' from, which I bought a license for.

Thank you! That is a nicely made video. Some advanced tunnel wall scraping action! And the gold cup screen is quite rare. Even as the programmer I have not seen it often. 😄 👍

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Hello again Bobby Cage, you were right when you guessed frame rate; the frame rate code was actually applied to everything except steering! Now it has been fixed. Thanks again.

Hello again FiveBitGames, after a delay I have now uploaded a new version for Windows and Linux in which this has been fixed. There was a bug which made the steering go too fast on some systems. Thanks again for pointing this out!

Hello Bobby and thank you very much for your comment and for checking this. After reading your comment I tried the game on a different Windows computer and this time everything worked as intended! Your guess about the framerate is an interesting one which I will have to look into. There is code that compensates for different framerates, so that the effect of movement, acceleration, steering etc. is similar on different systems, but perhaps this is not properly done in all cases...

Thank you for mentioning this. I tried the Windows version and the keyboard controls seem to be broken. I think I may have adjusted the game to work well with the controller, but failed to check keyboard controls before uploading. I do not have a fix at the moment, except for the suggestion to use a controller instead.

The best computer! ;) Nice game. Also inspirational. I have to look into pico-8 now!

This is impressive! The solid feeling platform engine and interaction with items, but also the text effects and interface, super polished. Well done!

Great city sounds and sound effects as objects fly by! Also very nice colorful graphics. I am not very good at the controls, but that may be something personal. Perhaps use mouse for the IJKL side? But I can understand it is not that straightforward to replace keys with mouse, and keep the same way of flying. As others said it is quite difficult, perhaps because of the controls but even more so because of the stream of fast moving enemies. I think slower and fewer enemies could improve gameplay.

Thanks everyone for trying my game and for the nice words!

Nice choice of music and sound effects. I also like the sharp graphics and smooth animation. The interface (yes / no / e-key) seems like a work in progress and is a bit buggy or unclear. I like the concept of flying around space doing trading and attacking or being attacked, like in 'Elite'.

Thanks for the feedback!

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This game uses the LÖVE framework. (

Max Downforce is an arcade racer in the style of Pole Position. It features two tracks, and keyboard and gamepad support. The goal is to finish 10 laps before the timer runs out, which is reset after each lap. The music is by Thanks to Son Link and Max Downforce is now available for Linux in addition to Windows. The Lua/LÖVE source code is on GitHub:

Game page

Video of the first track

Grand prix is a racing game written in Blitz Max in 2013. I was inspired by Pole Position, Outrun, and other such games that I played on the Commodore 64. Like those games it uses 2d techniques to create a 3d look. Controls are the arrow keys for throttle, brake, left and right. The goal is to complete lap after lap before the timer reaches zero. The cool music is by Ken Snyder / coda (

Game page: