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thanks! and this is gonna sound silly do you reach the credits page? I can't do anything but select levels when the launcher is open. In fact there's no menu at all or option to exit or anything, I thought that was intentional but maybe it's a bug?

It would be really helpful to include on this page a list of all the games and the itch pages for all the devs, for whoever has them, so we can follow/support folks. Looking forward to going through these!

this is awesome! great idea. Love adding towers to a survivors game. Is there a final boss or anything? I got to wave 10 and my eyes started crossing haha

oof that was rough. Really well done.

damn.... that was really good

really cool! love the art and the whole resonance mechanic is really interesting. I was missing something in the second area though and couldn't progress. I feel like maybe I missed an entire area because I looked around for a while back and forth.

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so funny lol i was laughing a lot, great throwback writing and the core mechanic is amazing

I just finished! THIS GAME IS AMAZING!!!! I'm telling everyone to play it - loooooved the ending!

i'm in the same place! i've made it up to 45 without trying to get help from anyone else but i'm soooo stuck now. I've only got a couple things marked with numbers and I've been searching them for an hour and can not figure it outtttt aaaaa!! gonna try again tomorrow

have been playing all day off and on, about 6 or 7 hours total. Completely hooked, this game is AMAZING and definitely one of my fave this year. So much fun!!!!

that was really really good. 

Hi - this won't install in the itch app? not sure why, will that be fixed or should I just download it?

so good! I can not beat the last level tho haha it's sooooo hard! really great idea for a game! super fun

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that was utterly revolting and really good. You might wanna add another CW for body horror or something cuz goddamn. fucking sucks. Great work! 

love the vibes and art choices and music etc. really fun!

really cool! I played for like an hour and 15, kept dying and couldn't figure how to identify another devil without being killed? so I drove away haha. But really cool combination of mechanics, like the art, the writing is fun. Navigating the hotel is cool, confusing at first but you figure it out soon enough.

helllllllllll yes that was so good!

got it, thank you!

this is so awesome!!!! i'm not sure right click was working with me tho? i chose the 'freeze' option which I think is an ability and it never did anything and right click never did anything? but besides that, INCREDIBLE love it

this was just so incredible and such a throwback, I really hope this becomes a genre on itch, I loved playing this so much

really awesome! i couldn't finish the last level tho, I think it's a bit too hard, maybe a couple less triangles and it would be fine.

everything about this looks sick, can't wait for a full release!

Just to note, I literally could not finish the tutorial because I would run out of money and it wouldn't let me skip the next card because it's a require tutorial step so...i can't actually play the game.

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really cool! great aesthetic and style, love the visual format, just really looks and plays great! you figure out the buried box.............!!!

that was great! I gotta say I get more enjoyment out of Bitsy games overall than I do out of huge games. I don't even like most huge big games, and even when I do LOVE them I would never say they're better than the hundred itch games I can play for the same length of time. It's not even close.

that was so awesome!!! love the photography. Gonna go back and play all these now that I played the last one :)

wowwwww that was incredible holy crap. Wow. I had to look at some youtube videos a couple times, and I did NOT figure out the snake medallion hint haha which is now so obvious.... but goddamn what an incredible game. I'm sure I missed stuff but seriously just...really amazing. The atmosphere, the way its designed, everything is just excellent.

really excellent! i think it could probably use an end scree or loop back to the start, especially since it's so open for a bitsy i was a bit confused, i don't think i missed anything after getting the little scene from the 5 fragments?

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ran into a bug - got this screen and was unable to progress, game seems really cool though!

this is really cool! Love the idea and frequency/puzzle vibes. Could definitely be expanded on a lot, it's a great idea and a lot of fun! Great game! The reentry frequency at the end was super hard for some reason, but I'm bad with timing things :)

that fixed it! thanks! just played through and really liked it! love the whole idea of the compendium and filling it out in this world. Thanks!

hmm maybe I am seeing the whole game? I thought it was cut off because, for example, when I started and find the obelisk the outline of the obelisk has the bottom 1/4 cut off the screen. Is that on purpose? It seems like there's some movement of an icon below my screen. This is my full screen: 

Really love the aesthetic, structure, music, and writing. Would love to see this as a continuous series!!!

Something is wrong with the resolution? It's opening super big and I can only see part of the screen

absolutely hilarious and amazing, the ending credits really had me cracking up too

Really cool, loved the themes and story.

That was amazing! really moving and beautifully made and written.

ooooooooooo thanks! I ended up finishing it last night, it was awesome! that helicopter can be too good a shot sometimes but other than that I had a ton of fun :)

this is awesome! love the vibes, mechanics are great, love the art and music! I did get stuck in an infinite loop of bouncing tho and had to start over heh