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this was great! you did a great job capturing the actual dynamic from the original my dinner with andre and putting it into this conversation and ALSO adding in the simpsons aspect.

this is so good!!! It hits on everything, the design is great, love the art, it's really funny. 


i've been told there is indeed a magic eye image haha, i'm not sure i'll be able to see it

wait i don't understand....i beat it....there's a thing to see....? i just jumped on invisible platforms and got the star..

absolutely brilliant game, loved it

absolutely fucking brilliant just like the first - THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can't tell if most of the comments are being sarcastic or purposely not spoiling the game but...there is more than just the mini games. Trying to figure my way through it now, it's hard! Tons of fun. I'm so bad at mini games haha. I do think it needs to easier.

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awesome! yea at first i just thought maybe it was a week and then done, then I was like uh oh! haha. It's really great!

THIS IS SO COOL!!! what a brilliant idea and it looks so awesome

hey this is SO GOOD!!!! technical question tho - is there a save, or an end? or does it just keep listing dates indefinitely

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i don't get it - i've only found one area that ends where you fall a few times? can't find the forge. I've seen 2G but i have no way to get there? 5 mins later....omg nvm haha

absolutely loved this. Really cool, really well executed, love the format of the text, music and visuals excellent. Amazing job.

loving it so far! is there supposed to be music....? i looked at some videos of people playing it and there was music, is my game bugged

unbelievably well made, brilliant idea, incredible writing. Seriously one of the best things I've played this year.

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finished it - absolutely fucking amazing. Seriously. Amazing. I like...need you to get famous from this game so you can do interviews so I can read about how you made it. I'm telling everyone I know to play it.

just wanted to say I'm 6 hours in and LOVING this game. I wish I could play forever haha. I'm already thinking I may have to do a casual playthrough after to see all the content. It's utterly enthralling.

Damn. You fucking nailed it with this game. Just finished after 3 days of obsessively playing it. Some really classic enjoyable scifi stuff going on here. The best moments I think were just all the character building and relationships and piecing together the mystery. So much fun!!! Also really great audio!

hey this was cool! The demons were great. One thing tho - I ended up in a weird situation where the 4th demon to kill were the toruses and if I ended up with pyramid + toruses I couldn't shoot them even tho it was the last round. I was able to finish the game by killing someone else first round and having different pair ups later.

saw this in Indiepocalypse, really liked it! Great art and vibes and the writing was really good. I thought maybe it was just gonna be a horror game of how depressing life can be haha, but I liked the ending a lot too. Looking forward to checking out your other games!

ohhhh hahaha wow duh, makes sense, didn't even think of that :) thanks!!

awesome! I laughed a lot. I got to the end and unlocked everything - I saw the "passwords" and I tried typing them in thinking they'd do something but it would just reset me to the beginning because it was the wrong letter. Do the passwords do anything?

hey - this is excellent. REALLY good mechanics, really fun, great art. I would love to see this developed into a bigger card/roguelike/auto-battler, I really feel like you could have a pretty successful game here. I've played a good amount of this genre and this stands out.

what an awesome, weird, funny game. I got the good ending and I got one (of more?) failure endings. Really liked it a lot. It felt very...surreal/satire especially with the art and writing combined.

oh my god. This is absolutely brilliant. Thank you. Really captures the total lack of humanity and respect in automated helplines and automation in the modern world.


this was cool! I like the idea of a maze leading the narrative, really cool idea.

awesome!!! escape room games are the best and this is a great one. Weird and creepy, fun puzzles!

really funny, this was great!

Absolutely incredible. The color scheme, the writing, the art, the story, just totally brilliant. It's so funny in such a unique way. Looking at the comments here...I think I missed whatever the secret content is! So I guess now I gotta go back and look haha.

great vibes, great art, great gameplay, a classic horror story put on gameboy. Just really really fun.

This was absolutely incredible. I don't even know what to say, I'm blown away. It is bruuuuuuutally difficult, I can't help but wish there was at least one midway check point, but....also after finishing it myself I gotta say the intense relief paired well with the themes. Really really amazing work, thank you.

this was really cool, well done! 

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this was really excellent. I just finished it. Really making me think about a lot of things. It might be one of my games of the year. The deck building part was excellent, there's a lot here about people being human. There is no way to build a great deck, they're just trying to make it work and do their best and sometimes they fail. They're just mediocre comics, trying to be happy and figure life out.  The dialogue vs inner dialogue was fantastic. Just a lotta reminders of how much people have going on and how much we cover it all up. Really beautiful game.

love this so far! looking forward to the end. I do think the puzzles in this were harder than book 1, I'm not really a fan of hard puzzles in adventure games when the difficulty ends up being a lot of clicking around. Things like getting the corkscrew or sawing the handrail were just really easy to miss. I think maybe just some extra written lines would go a long way - the type of lines you already have sometimes like "this railing looks like it would make a great tool if i could cut some off" or "the waiter placed the corkscrew and the wine on the table". It's just very easy to miss stuff graphically, so I ended up checking the guide several times. Still though - really loving the story and art, great characters, really great homage to the old games.

no worries! I tried it several times, maybe my luck is just awful haha. I can try it again but I never found a potion, never had enough gold to buy one or anything else, just kinda stuck in a loop of getting enough gold to buy a map and using it to go back to town and buying a map again.

really love the style and mechanics but, unless i'm missing something else too, I don't understand at all how you're supposed to progress? I've played 30 minutes and I've only had enough gold to just keep buying maps so that I don't die. I managed to beat the first boss out of pure luck on like my 10th try but I didn't even get any gold from that? I think if gold generation was just higher, like maybe twice as much gold per fight, it would fix the balancing of the game. Everything else though is really great.

omg...haha thanks i did not understand that :)

this was really great, and also my greatest fear haha. I did experience some bugs, one time I had a black screen and a line of dialogue got skipped near the end, and also when I replayed it it skipped a lot of content, so I had to uninstall and reinstall to get a fresh full start. Really great overall, very freaky - and occasionally funny :)

hey i'm trying to play and there seems to be some kind of bug? the B button never works to escape. I tried installing on itch app and I tried in my browser and it was the same in both. B works as a cancel button in menus but in rooms I can only ever attack and never escape, so there's no way for me to progress because there's no way to return to town.