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Ferran Bertomeu

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Hey! Thanks for playing.
You can try playing with a friend on the same computer, sometimes it's easier, but sometimes it's harder!

I don't really want to make a version with only 1 cart, the whole game is designed around 2 carts.

I would consider a slower/calmer version though!
How far can you get? There are only 4 levels (backgrounds) per train :)

Glad you enjoyed! Very happy to watch you play it!

Thank you!!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, I can't play like the screenshots you have. When I launch it, the game is zoomed in so much I can't fit more than 10 balls on it and it never zooms out.
Which means I can't really do any long loop.
I hope there is a fix, I'd like to play with the more zoomed out view!

Coool! Approved!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

It's been a while since I worked on this but I always want to come back and add more rail puzzles :)

Thanks Tim!

Thanks! I thought about exporting, I'll give it another thought

Thank you! It was actually quite a struggle between how real I wanted it to look and how many buttons, screens and layouts needed to be there haha It was a fun challenge, I really like LowRezJam for that reason.

In the end, with the background image of the page, I think it really helps make it feel real :)

Submit it here!

That is a good time @barnem you should record it!

This was so entertaining to watch!! Such a nice video, thanks for playing our game!

Thank you Sebastian!
I'm glad you liked it. After all, there are things that need to be fixed and made more clear but I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Thanks for the recommendation! You have very interesting games in these articles, you got a new follower :)

Thank you Jupiter!

Thank you!
No! This is not our first game, and not the last :)
We didn't have time to add much more but hope to update it soon.

Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed the game. It felt like a game. I started over and over again trying to beat it

Wow this is hard. Too hard for me. The controls maybe a bit too sensitive :)

This is a really nice executed game! The concept is really unique, well done!


I like the homemade graphics

The collision is so merciless!

So noisy in the end!

The graphics are cool man, nice visual difference between the two worms


I'm really not sure if I have to do anything with the patches in the water.

I cannot seem to get the last milk