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It's hard to clarify because I haven't played this game and I'm don't really know what I'm supposed to be allowed to do, but I played again to give you a better answer:

Right after I'm put into the world, I barely have time to talk to 1 person (like Bill) that then the prompt "The ritual is beginning" shows, the sky changes, but I'm still next to the tea brewer and I have to walk in silence, unable to talk to anyone I think I should be able to, without a prompt appearing "Talk to XXX" all the way until where the ritual beach has the "attend the ritual" prompt.

Hey Jacob, I'm interested in playing but I can't seem to progress at all.
After I get released into the 3d world, I managed to talk to the tea brewer once, but I haven't managed to talk or interact with anyone or anything else. Sometimes the screen would show a bright frame and a sfx would be heard, but the frame would disappear in a split second.
I can't tell if that is normal but I have a feeling it might be a mixture of a technical or ux issue.
Also holding B down switches back and forth the binoculars very fast. I can't press B fast enough to not trigger a double B press.
Maybe it's a frame-rate dependant issue (I'm playing at more than 60 fps)

Looking forward to playing in the future.

Hey Nifflas! This was very enjoyable to play! Even with eyes closed! But also visually very beautiful.
The music was very pleasing I specially enjoyed the arpeggios on the right-stick, reminded me of Wilmot's Warehouse.
When I got acquainted I found myself really playing with the rhythm of the chord changes on the right-hand buttons, kinda feel I was yearning for this immediate reaction that a change in chord has, so my wish for the future is more immediate-response inputs so I can play the rhythms I want :)
The percussive sounds on the d-pad were not tight or loud enough for me haha I want more immediate responses!

Anyhow, such a great and accessible musical experience! Congrats!

Me ha encantado y además he aprendido de un libro y un autor que desconocía. Gracias Alberto!

Thank you!

This game made me want to fry banana!
Thumbs up are very reassuring 👍👍👍
I feel ready.

Happy lunar new year!

This is amazing, I want to make a mixtape with you all come on and play!

Hey! Where are you playing from? What device/browser/OS?

Thanks for the support and the kind words!

Sure! Go ahead.

Where did the laptop go?

Yes, city and the high-speed train is hardest and last part of the game!

Mm, it could be many things. You might be running out of RAM.. or maybe we are using something that requires the latest directX, but you'd need windows 10 for that.

I'm sorry I'm afraid I can't help you much right now :(
I hope you can find another computer to play some day!

Hey! Sorry to hear that.
Yeah, the game is very intensive on the GPU, your GPU might be struggling.
Have you tried lowering the resolution from the resolution screen?

I hope you can enjoy the game somehow!

Hi! That's too bad :(
Can you give us more information?
What OS are you playing? other computer specs?

Everything is a big word, but most of the things are!


La idea para este proyecto nació de intentar buscar música en dominio público y encontrar casi exclusivamente partituras digitalizadas.

Después de encontrar un par de estudios y preludios para guitarra, nos preguntamos si podríamos recrear la experiencia de aprender a tocar una pieza de música en la guitarra, ya que el acto de aprender a tocar una pieza musical es una especie de juego en sí.

En el juego, hemos querido aumentar esta pieza con otras herramientas e información extra, a fin de facilitar el acceso al contenido de esta partitura a jugadores con diferente experiencia musical.

La pieza la elegimos de entre las partituras digitalizadas en la BNE, que aunque no es la más sencilla, fue la mejor que pudimos encontrar para nuestro objetivo.

Espero que podáis disfrutar un poco tocando nuestra guitarra para teclado de ordenador!

Sobre el tema.. es una mezcla de cosas pero todas fueron inspiradas por él!

Ya hacer un juego online multiplayer para una jam no creo que sea una buena idea..
Tener a hasta 20 jugadores en la pista no creo que sea una buena idea..
Que sólo haya 20 plazas, y que si estan llenas tengas que esperar no es que sea la mejor idea..
Darle botones para que los jugadores puedan expresarse musicalmente sin ningún límite, tampoco me parece la mas brillante de las ideas..

Pero en general, creo que todo combinado sí que es una idea que vale la pena jugar :)

Hey! Thanks for playing.
You can try playing with a friend on the same computer, sometimes it's easier, but sometimes it's harder!

I don't really want to make a version with only 1 cart, the whole game is designed around 2 carts.

I would consider a slower/calmer version though!
How far can you get? There are only 4 levels (backgrounds) per train :)

Glad you enjoyed! Very happy to watch you play it!

Thank you!!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Hey, I can't play like the screenshots you have. When I launch it, the game is zoomed in so much I can't fit more than 10 balls on it and it never zooms out.
Which means I can't really do any long loop.
I hope there is a fix, I'd like to play with the more zoomed out view!

Coool! Approved!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

It's been a while since I worked on this but I always want to come back and add more rail puzzles :)

Thanks Tim!

Thanks! I thought about exporting, I'll give it another thought

Thank you! It was actually quite a struggle between how real I wanted it to look and how many buttons, screens and layouts needed to be there haha It was a fun challenge, I really like LowRezJam for that reason.

In the end, with the background image of the page, I think it really helps make it feel real :)

Submit it here!

That is a good time @barnem you should record it!

This was so entertaining to watch!! Such a nice video, thanks for playing our game!

Thank you Sebastian!
I'm glad you liked it. After all, there are things that need to be fixed and made more clear but I'm happy you enjoyed it!
Thanks for the recommendation! You have very interesting games in these articles, you got a new follower :)

Thank you Jupiter!

Thank you!
No! This is not our first game, and not the last :)
We didn't have time to add much more but hope to update it soon.

Thanks for playing!

I really enjoyed the game. It felt like a game. I started over and over again trying to beat it

Wow this is hard. Too hard for me. The controls maybe a bit too sensitive :)

This is a really nice executed game! The concept is really unique, well done!