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TL;DR - 10/10 highly recommended. Freaked the players out. 

Absolute gold. Ran this as a one-shot that managed to hold the players attention with rising tension as the hauntings got weirder (and the submarine got more wrecked). Strong 1889 vibes (the Netflix show)--and just like it we don't get an included ending (best to consider some options before running it). But on the plus side, the players talked for an hour afterwards imagining what *could* have been going on and what it really means.

For player creation, I showed them a map of the vessel and let them pick where each character lived. We ended up with a Cook (roll, for Kitchen! lol), Mechanic (Engines) and Comms Officer (Bridge). I also had them pick whether they were on the US or British inspector side (to hilarious effect!), and per the rules, let them come up with 2 underlings each to boss around. Played some spooky ambient underwater submarine music which greatly added to the game. Giving everyone a tutorial of "how to manage a submarine and keep it from sinking" (ie how long batteries/oxygen lasts) immediately hooked the players into the vibe of the game--I was surprised how interested they were in it.

Also used a Time Timer (physical timer) to set for the hauntings and other dangers, really added to the tension.

Would be cool to add notecards via spreadsheet files like CSV or to add images

my first solo game of this genre — loved the theme and writing prompts created quite a deep bd dark journey of loss where memories and madness clash in the dark. I actually survived and made it out right on the last card draw!   purchased from local game store in California (For future editions would love some random tables and art for idea generation or scene flavor if one gets stuck) Great work Diogo!

Amaze! Please keep posting these!!

so inspired thanks for sharing and pls share more! 

Hi! Sorry to hear that could you email me at flyaturtle at me dot com with your name and mailing address and I’ll investigate your package


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Hi Flaco - Sorry didn't see this message! Please send me an email (flyaturtle at me dot com)- by the way, they also have the files if future Exalted Funeral customers want to contact them. :)

By the amazing @oddsbod ( ) who went on to do Electric Bastionland! 

haha LOVED reading this, thank you!! "Panty host" lol (will fix the PDF soon). In actual play, it's up to the GM. I think half of the games I've played, as the rules say, it's perfectly okay if everyone just has fun having tea, gossiping and putting glitter on their character sheets and never got to the adventure. At XOXO Fest, I ran a super chill session at a tea house with an anxiety support meetup group, where all we did was color quietly and make giant buttons out of the art—equally fun as a gonzo oba-oba-obachan adventure in a different way. :D 

Thanks so much! GM = grandma master, who is always in character from the moment you welcome guests into your home to play and serve up some tea, the gossip begins!

This game was literally made for my grandma's birthday and she proudly walks around with a copy in her purse (she is the one holding the baseball bat). And my mom does all the mailings. In short, Obachan pride! :D I'm so glad to hear this helps even just a little bit. This greatly motivates me to finish one of my incomplete stretchgoals, which was the Ojichan (uncle) character class.

Adding Obachan Panic! to the cause!