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Gotcha. I'll try that.

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Minor bug to report. On my second playthrough with the translator enabled, the entire conversation with Melinda when she winches you up on the ice elevator doesn't want to trigger. I've reloaded the previous auto-save a couple times, and she still remains silent the entire time the elevator goes up, whereas she was a regular chatterbox for my first playthrough, I just had no idea what she was saying.Maybe I'm mis-remembering, but I thought that was the point she kept chattering on about the elevator taking awhile, and her having to manually do it herself, ect.

I hadn't noticed that, thanks for the tip! That'll probably be worth another play-through in and of itself!

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I just finished the game last night. It was quite an awesome experience! By far the best quadruped flight simulator I've ever seen, and I loved the puzzles and flight obstacle courses! Combat does feel a little clunky at times, but didn't detract from the overall experience, and considering the small dev team, it still performs rather well. I do wish I could have understood more of what the characters on the island said,(95% of dialog being Norwegian as far as I could tell?), but I think I understood what you were going for as far as Sulphur being stranded in a strange land and not being able to understand anyone. The little I could translate (when dialog paused long enough for me to type it out) did add to my understanding of what was going on significantly, but it just leaves me wondering what all I missed in the rest of the conversation. Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable adventure game with a bit of mystery and intrigue, and I'd happily play any future games that were so well polished!