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Thanks :) this was my first Unity project; I considered not submitting but went ahead since I figured it's better to finish something at least

Much cinematic yes


It's great :) I like the cheery look. 

If it wouldn't be fair to extend the deadline that's totally cool- just thought I'd ask. Having anxiety today has made focusing hard for me. Wondering if anyone else would appreciate an extra day or so to polish their work. 

(I get that the short time frame is part of the jam; intended to shape the kinds of games produced)



I've entered Ludwig jam, and there are 5 days left to create a Foddian game- something "unforgiving, with no real checkpoints.. a constant threat of loosing huge chunks of progress".  I have a somewhat grand idea for this and don't know if I'll finish in time with all the features I'd want. I'm dealing with intense anhedonia/lack of motivation from my depression, and need to remind myself that even a tiny bit of progress is good; and it's the process of learning that's most important anyways. The game definitely does not need to be polished; as long as it's kind of fun and presentable I will be ok with the prototype. 

I'm following a "Hill Climb Racing" Godot tutorial by LucyLavend, hoping I can transfer ideas from that into the mechanic of my game. Worst case scenario, it'll  involve skating or floating downhill super fast (the opposite of typical climbing Foddian games) and having to maneuver around obstacles. Best case, players will skate or float downhill super fast while having to time pole vault takeoffs or grapple hook maneuvers over obstacles below. I think I'll allow applying brakes and moving the character yourself instead of an endless-runner type scenerio, but the slope will be steep and low-friction to keep things hard. When applying brakes, you still move forward a bit too. 

Later I might make some extreme skate park inspired obstacles- like a 360 degree loop-de-loop. 

Often I put in a lot of time (on art, planning, or attempting to program a mechanic) just to realize I should change gears to something totally different. I think this is the sunk cost fallacy; good to keep in mind. 

Another idea involved moving through a cave with two or more extendable grappling hook arms. This sounds a little less exciting than my downhill pole vault/grapple hook idea, but maybe easier to implement. 

Ah, I didn't export it for Linux, sorry! I can try to do that. And I did make it with Godot. 

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Definitely has some issues (like the wind only sounding in the first scene); at least I finished something for my first jam. Didn't get around to adding all the features I wanted so stuck with something very simple. 

Planned on some skeleton enemies, melee combat, following "death" figure in the background and final boss fight with "death", lapping red waves that do damage, and more detailed art of city structures- pillars, fountain, castle, etc.

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I'm glad the submission time was extended, as I just found out about the jam two days ago. This will give me more time to troubleshoot; it's my first jam and I'm still learning how to use my game engine. I really like the theme, and I'm hoping I can get all that's in my head into practice in time. 

Reminds me of VVVVVV kind of


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Kind of confusing at first; agree that a more organized/intuitive UI is needed. When transitioning from opening to first puzzles, maybe include some pop-up text boxes explaining the sides tracker and goals section?

UI suggestions: might not need to have "goals" as the header on the right section- just include a list of goals. Might also be able to do without the "total sides"- just have a number that increases/decreases. 

Since this was made for a jam (perhaps under time constraints),  I don't want to be too picky, but it would be better to avoid lettering the colors (e.g. "color B shape"); having to remember which letters correspond to which colors adds mental overhead and distracts from the actual puzzle-solving. 

Otherwise I think it's a nice concept!

Got stuck on second level after double jumping up to top platform (after collecting the three stars below). Agree with METgaming's points.