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That was....B E A U T I F U L

I just played all of the endings! This game was captivating from the start and had me scared at times as to what was gonna happen next. Awesome art too

Okay, so I loved this game. It was super cute, but it had a few dark moments, and I liked that there was a bonus room at the end. As soon as I saw RPG Maker in the description, I was interested in playing it because some RPG Maker games look the same. But, the adorable stylized pixel art definitely made the game memorable... I hope you make a sequel where Cinnamon and the Hunter go on an adventure!

Aw! That game was super cute! I like how the days advanced every time you go back inside, 

I'm happy to share! I hope they like the game as much as I did :)

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In this game, all you have to do is collect forest creatures and listen to calming music on an island. Sounds like the perfect vacation!

 The gameplay is  only around 25-20 minutes, but it's open world, so you can play it again and again, collecting the creatures in different ways.

Take a Trip to the Island!

Game Made by ~ Nadia Nova