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Hi, thanks for the message, they took it down because of some (probably) bug in Unity. Because they say that I use some Advertisement ID (which I know nothing about) and I need a privacy policy statement for that. I've found out that other Unity developers had the same issue as well but I haven't had time to look for a solution so far :-(

Anyway, thanks for playing the game, I remember you from the leaderboards! :-)

Thanks, yes, my goal was to create a simple game and sometimes it's best to just don't add anything else.

Thanks, that's a nice score.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for your kind words! I did everything myself except the music and sounds which I downloaded from the internet. I work as a designer so creating these assets was a bit easier to me.

Thanks for the message!

Thanks a lot for playing!

Hey, thanks for the feedback and motivation! I'm working on a regular mobile version, I'm now in phase of deciding on what features to implement. I hope I'll be able to publish in few weeks.

I compiled an .apk yesterday and I just added it for download so if you're on Android, go give it a try :-)

I don't get it, all I was able to do, was spawning some cakes.

Very nice game

Interesting idea. It might be better to zoom the camera out a bit.

Very interesting game. My ending was not killing him and being killed lol

It would be nice if I could jump with 'W' instead of SPACE.

I can't understand a word but the style and atmosphere look very good.

Very interesting concept. It would be cool to improve the graphics and maybe create some sort of tutorial. I also found out that I can just spam the shooting button and shoot everywhere until I accidentally hit the target.

Nice little game. What I would suggest is to try to achieve some single graphics style. Those platforms looks good but the rest is not very good.

I would suggest to improve the description. There's a lot of text which I didn't want to read.

Man, my anime gets angry so fast!

Very funny game! It was a bit difficult to play on my touchpad but the game is cool.

Hello, I've launched a first version of my new game called Neon Defense. The player's task is to defend his base against an endless wave of enemies by clicking towers. The tower only shoots if it has the same color as the leading enemy.

I made this game in about 15 hours as a part of weekend jam. The game was made in Unity and the sprites were made in Sketch.

Very nice score!!

I feel the same. The game looks amazing but I have no idea what to do.

Nice little game. I guess it could get pretty addictive! It might be nice to improve the feeling of water a bit. Also why is using airjump more expensive after each use?

Thanks for playing, I have to admit that AA was one of my inspirations!

I have also added a link to the music's author, thanks for the notice.

Thanks a lot for playing!

Simplicity at its best!

Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey, thanks for the review! 92 is really cool score!

Thanks for the feedback!

In recent update I added some minor changes and mainly I created an animated background.

Thanks for playing the game and leaving a comment!

Thanks for the comment! Muted music was actually a bug which I just fixed.

Thanks a lot! I have some ideas for making the graphics a bit more alive with some simple animations so I hope I'll be able to do what I want. And I completely agree with finishing projects. It's always important to finish the games even if they are not perfect. You can always make them better later, can't you?

Thanks for the kind words! I have many ideas for next games so I hope I'll be able to work on them as well.