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its cool seeing updates to this even though we'd imagine you'd have your hands full with patches  for or promoting disc 2 since it released so recently. thank you! haven't finished disc 1 but cant wait to!


This is really cool, thanks for sharing!


cant wait to play! looks great


thank you for persevering


played for about an hour so far and wow, some of ur best work yet!


i feel funny


I am deeply hurt. Thank you


happy holidays!

better with portraits in my opinion


gosh everything u put out has such good gamefeel!

thanks for making this. really mellowed me out when i needed it


is there a way to delete my saved progress and start my exploration of the hub world over?


Just finished the first chapter and holy shit is this good. I think i see some of the inspirations but i'll hold my tongue for now until i have more to say than just "it feels like this!" can't wait to read  chapter 2 and wait for 3 with baited breath! 

you have something really insightful and emotional and horradorable here 

themes of how the military promises power that perverts you (not in the good way!)  ,how that perversion is still there even if  they arent strict or let u have an idealized and cute form ,how the military apparatus uses our passion and our desire to escape destitution to make recruitment that much more seductive... are all really intense and hit with a clarity that something in this style could only provide 

thank you for making this. glad it doesnt just live inside your head anymore

-Drizzlebyte i haffta get it


You're game left a HUUUUGE impression! can't wait to see the full release ^_^


Great mechanics, addictive game play for us strategy lovers, really interesting story, funny and captivating writing, and very upsetting (in a good way?) world building.

streamed it and posted the vod on youtube. Have only played the prologue so far bc we kept getting hit with an error message after waking up the day Akira is moving

The error message made playing at the end of the prologue and presumable beyond not impossible but tedious as its dismissed like a text box and once it starts popping up it, it pops up every few seconds. the message reads: failed to load:audio/se/AV_Runiphone.oog


u welcome! I think we got enough context just for looking at the concept and rules for the jam. not to mention that most storys dont need complete context to be understood. most story's dont or at least dont need to begin at the earliest chronological place U.U

also i just realized the replay value bc i only played with the needle and thread....goooosh i cant wait to revisit this later!

everything is gonna be okay forever!

i was really really impressed! 

this was ur first game? it hit so many good spots and the message that revernge isnt the answer, which was reinforced by the secret boss fight was just...amazing! (i only did the secret boss fight after not killing the mayor. the smugness at not killing him that ripley had was just *chef's kiss*) i really hope ur game wins so it can continue the cannon, but even if it doesn't i really look forward to ur next game!!! oh and is it intended that i totally ship ripely with the doctor now?  cause they are REALLY REALLY cute together <3 also what the deal with dragon syrup????? do i have to have read the book to get that refrence


i like the presentation and whatnot but the directions could have been better and it ends very jarringly

SO YEAH, JUST FINISHED IT! WOW i liked it. the relationship drama was interesting and the time loopyness makes the to be continued even more curiousity enducing. I think humans an robots should be able to date , tho it will always be a challenge haha


YAY! thankies. i think i'll stream it today lol

so this comes up when i try to start? the music starts up and i get a start screen but thats it. i love ur games and cant wait to actually try this. hope ur doing okay. i hope im not dump and its something i did that broke the game lol


Thank you. Didn't expect a sequal, but very happy to see one in Development. Luca meant a lot to us...tho its almost impossible to play it alone hahaha. Happy Pride. Happy Wrath


its a rar file so Itch cant auto install it. you'll have to download it then you'll need a file extractor like 7-zip to extract it. Then you'll have the file folder and can play it. some games as uploaded just cant be played theu the itch app, as convenient as that would be. but the effort is worth it

Hey,we did a stream of this back in December.,but just uploaded it left a great impact on us! We laughed, we cried,,it opened our eyes. . was really surprised it got so serious...and i love it for that. cant wait for the full release. sorry im not leaving a more thoughtful comment here, I only have so many spoons today but i can't wait to cover it more in the future for a video essay! 


We're patiently awaiting the game and just wanna say good job making it so far in development and not crunching urself (as far as we know) and just..doing something you love. cant wait for the demo and hope ur year is going at least okay

I just got thru episode 1 but i have no idea how to play the demo...first chapter was super fun tho.


ok never mind i read the read me. sorry >//< it works now

i get an error message when i Try to start it up "RGSS-RTP standard not found" . Would really love a fix if possible. i really want to play ur game

I'm stuck trying to find the rope

thanks for the update! cant wait

is there a way to fullscreen?

This game and the installment before it have really had an effect on us. Did a long form video essay about them (haven't played the 3rd one yet). Purrfect Apawcolypse is one of our favorite game series now ? Feeling very fortunate to have happened upon it. was totally suprized at the depth of the characters and how well it all flows,even when dying a lot. The mechanics are simple but effective,the horror is upsetting (and not just the gore) , the paths are really intricate and the story was emotionally consuming. And all that with a enby protag!? *melts* AMAZING! thank you so much for making this game (✿◠‿◠)