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How many endings are there?

I loved the game and I'd like to complete it--

Install  win.rar....

It'll help you open zip files and it's free (although it'll ask you to pay you can just skip that)

stay safe everyone!

Yes and it's annoying but what can we do--

(also i'm a she)

Thank you!

You don't even know how sad I got when I reached the end of Keisuke's path... The game wasn't choices heavy, but the story was amazing and I'll be waiting for the next update!

My game is stuck on a black screen after the first line...

So um... I got to the point where R.A.M. is replaced by Virus (or atleast to look like them) and I tried typing out the command Togglecommand_camouflauge:OOF when I realised... The button on my keyboard for "_" isn't working, so I tried to copy and paste it from somewhere and it didn't work sooooo....

Spoilers, anyone? I liked this game and it'd be a real shame if I can't finish it, but if there's anyone out there who's reading this... Please tell me what happens later on in the game!

Looking forward to it then. I really like your style, so I'll be waiting for this next one! :)

I like both of those ideas, but the slenderman game sounds pretty darn cool... As long as it executed properly... A remake of slenderman would be good, especially if the "collecting certain objects" part changes. I support the making of the second idea into a game (and then later on make another one on the first idea?). Idk, but the slenderman game seems promising.

Thank you! I didn't notice that before!

What are the commands required to finish this game?


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it's called win.rar and yes it is

also you don't need to pay, it'll just remind you from time to time

I really liked this game. A whole new experience!

yeah, the developer did to

just install winrar.. then you'll be able to play it mkay?

The first game is Liar Liar then Liar Liar 2 (Pants on fire)

Both are free here on, and so if you just go to the developer's home page (on this site a.k.a. you'll find them. 

it's 2020

There already are more games