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It worked, thanks! 

Demo link doesn't work for some reason

Nice, some good news!! :)

No worries, I just replayed and finished it lol. I saw there was a lot of new stuff for Agnes, almost nothing new for Rebecca (I mean her solo not w/ agnes); then a few for Paula but mostly last few are teasers for upcoming stuff. I need more Paula submission lol. :) I really like your work. It's different from the usual vanilla I read which is no problem as well but sometimes we really need the darker stuff.

I played this before, I guess it was the 0.2 version from f95. Are there a lot of new scenes after that version? If so I'd gladly download and replay it from the start. I'm uncertain to replay if there's only a few changes from the previous version. Thanks in advance.

I was panicking with the MC at the end! <3 It was sad that it ended that way. I used to play MMOs back in the day, and I know that this was really the case back then. You chat and play so much with someone and forget learning their contact/socials since it also wasn't that popular before. You just enjoy playing with them in this MMO world then once you stop you realize that you could've made him/her a real life friend as well. Nowadays though guilds usually have facebook groups/ discord so I get to know people outside of the MMO world. Thank you for this game for bringing back the nostalgia.

Yes!! The sexual tension :)) lol

OMG! Can't believe it's out. I thought you were making an extended demo version? I was not expecting the full game lol!!! :))

Looks good! Will it also release on steam?

Wow nice! will this be also on steam, would like to purchase there. Thanks can't wait to read these. :)))

Loved it!! I honestly thought it was completed due to its status being "Released".  Still, I am excited to know what happens next :))) I want to see how their "first" meeting would be.

Nice another game! I only recently discovered your works. I'm currently playing Vogvhathos and enjoying its world and characters. Started romancing Athos :))) <3

Looks good!! :)

Just finished Chapter 3, it's soo good!! Can't wait to see what happens next :))

Thanks for the reply. Yeap no worries, I had fun with them and just wanted to know. Looking forward to what you're making next :)))

Oh so that's why cloud saving wasn't working lol. Saw your recent post as well, I think I reached that part where the game crashed previously. Thanks

Yay you're back!! or were you not ever gone? lol Gonna try out this one. 

I've played the full routes of Akechi and Akira from your Persona VN before, is that project on-hold? Would have loved to at least try Ann's route.

Loved it! Damn it ended on the best part lol =))

Wow! just finished playing this, it's so good!! I loved the epilogue slideshow with all those pictures and a great soundtrack. What's the song used?          I'm at the point where I'm deciding if I should start with Eternum or play other games first. I love saving the best for last and I think if I play Eternum now, I'll have such high expectations from other AVNs which might not satisfy that itch. Will gladly support you on patreon if only our exchange rate weren't that high but we'll see in the future. Anyway please continue making these games!!!

Loved it, need more!! :)) Art is great, generated faces are good but Nef's and Hilly's modern clothes threw me off a bit from the setting/world-building. I could look past it but just wanted to mention it for your consideration. Thanks. Can't wait for the continuation!

Hey thanks for the reply. Finished it yesterday. I was hoping to see more on what happened after that encounter which concerns Celeste's arm lol iykwim :) But it skipped to an earlier time instead. Hope you update soon excited to see what happens next.


It's soo good!!! I think I'm just around 1 hour of reading but I already love the story, the characters, the worldbuilding. The art and renders of the background as well as the girls are also excellent. I also like the small animation of some parts even the changing background colors when it transitions to the next scene. 

Is this your first visual novel? It's really well made, it contends or is even better with what they sell on steam and other paid VNs here.  

I wonder how long is this current version and how much of it is the "in development" phase as of now? Anyway, time for more reading! :))

On laptop, using Google Chrome. I've tried it again it works ok now! It might have been a browser or maybe an internet connection issue. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

I can't seem to enter the name of the MC in the browser version. It won't allow me to edit the "???"

Just finished Ruben's route! It's soo good!!! It had me crying a little at some parts. The Epilogue wrapped up everything nicely and it was very heartwarming.

Are you planning to create a walkthrough sometime? I was checking the stats page while playing and it seems like I wasn't able to get some of the good scenes, probably picked some wrong choices. 

Your writing is superb! I can't wait for the other routes. I'll start reading some of your other works while waiting. ^^))

Loved it!! I'm excited for the next part hopefully they'll already be meeting with Queen Elora. ^^)

Loved it!!! Need more ^^)


Yeah it was the same for me can't seem to click or pick any of the two, I thought it ended there.

Heya, just curious how long is it like the word count? and how many love interests are there? Thanks.

Loved it, finished Sabian's ending it was cute. <3

Great start, loved it soo much! Can't wait to read more.

YES! Congratulations on release!!! I can't wait to start with this gonna buy on steam later. I was just finishing Elliot's route yesterday in Changeling then I get this news today!!! Lots of reading ahead of me =)))

Heya I remember we chatted before about you and my brother being sagittarius, I forgot if I mentioned that he's ADHD as well that's why you're so similar in that regard like having so many hobbies, starting too many things at once or jumping to whatever interests you the most at any given time. 

You should do what's best for you or what your therapist suggests to you. We're just here to appreciate whatever content you put out. Taking care of yourself is the most important after all. Your true supporters would respect any decision you make.

By the way, you changed the page design for both of the games? I kinda liked the anime artwork.=)) 

You can also look at it this way having only those two games to work on would mean a ton of content for them. We can finally get to the more exciting parts of the story. Not to mention, I've yet to see the romance I've been waiting for LOL <3.  

Just started playing this! Damn it's sooo goood!!! Really feels like playing an MMORPG, got me all nostalgic. I'm not sure if formats of other MMORPGs are similar to this one but I think this one's pretty close to the template and UI for Guild Wars 2? I've played that for a while. Correct me if I'm wrong, thanks! Time to continue playing! (^^

Yes a new one!! Just finished Fallen Lights the other day, time to try this one out 

Loved it!!! ^^)) Just finished the main ending. I first thought that this was still in development but was happily surprised that it's a complete story.