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Hey Mc Shouty

Apparently only fText and fMouseInput had issues with the newest Superpowers

You can download the new versions at these URLs

Let me known if you still have issues

Good to know it work.

But as you can see, it's the same error, I have update all my plugins, but I won't be able to do it until tomorrow.

Until then you may still be able to work on your project if you remove my plugins.

Hello KKMcShouty

Thanks for reporting this issue, I have a fix you can try.

Please download the plugin from the link above and install it as usual (completely delete the old plugin first).

Let me know if this works (or if it doesn't) !

- what doesn't work ? what do you see in your scene instead of what you expect ?

- what errors do you get (in the script editor and/or in the console) ?

I am no THREE.js specialist at all but I see several potential source of trouble :

You do delete the WebGLRenderer Created by Superpowers ? I have no idea if you can have several of them in a single page (or on top of each other).

You actually don't attach your WebGLRenderer to the webpage, you have to do something like :

container.appendChild( renderer.domElement ); // in the demo, container is a div

You probably need to update the time uniform yourself, too ?

You don't seems to do anything with your 'mapContentTexture'. In the demo they add it to a MeshBasicMeterial then apply this material to the spheres.

You have the "Typescript global search" tool which allow to search (but not replace) for something in all the scripts at once.

Technically, if you work alone on your local server, you could edit the scripts assets with a regular text editor but I am not sure it's more practical than the in-engine editor.

D'où l'as tu téléchargé ?

Il me semble avoir eu la même chose avec la version provenant de

Mais c'était avant la mise à jours d'il y a deux jours.

Several users already provided access to "their" server, like me at some point I had one up at "".

I guess what's needed (and what I wait for) is an authentification system more advanced than just a global server password.

It will come later and I will definitely put my server up again, but it's not necessarily a good idea to rely on other people's server because if the one you use is down you are screwed.

Pour le bouton, tu peux t'aider en plus de la vidéo de Dren :