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Florence Smith Nicholls

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Inbox Zero is an epistolary piece of interactive fiction told through a series of emails. An old friend is embarking on a new life as part of a co-operative community based on the island of St Jude. The inhabitants are aiming to live as sustainably as possible, repurposing the existing derelict buildings.

The trouble is, the island is haunted, and so are your emails.

Download the game here:

Welcome to The Thrift Shoppe of Second Hand Dreams! This is a very short Bitsy game limited to one room, in which you browse a thrift shop of items relating to anonymous peoples' dreams. As my first Bitsy game, its experimental, so I would love to hear what people think!

Game link:

Hi Zayn, thanks for sharing this game. I found the instant messaging format to be particularly powerful. 

I've been commisioned to write a piece about queer games and was hoping to ask you a few questions about the game to feature in it. If you would be comfortable with that, where would be the best place for me to contact you? You can also get in contact with me at

Thanks very much,