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i love craft

How could you

I want to become a png

Thanks for playing! I will work on it :D

Thanks for playing! Was very fun to watch :)

Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed even if it isnt much :)

Great advice, I've actually already started implementing something similar already! Thanks so much for playing!

Yess there are way too many enemies and they are too tough!! Sorry about that, I hope you still had fun.

Thank you!! Hope you enjoyed!!

Thanks for playing! Sorry the objective is unclear, I put some instructions and notes for how to play.

I want to see a count of how many of the jam games take place in a casino! There's many!! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! You are definitely right!

Thanks for playang :)

I agree it is hard to tell when you get hit. I hope you enjoyed!

Thank you! Hope you had fun!

Thanks for playing!!

Thank you for playing!! The map could definitely be better :^)

can you add a second Pebus??

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Sorry nothing yet :( just a small fix. I may see if I can make room for some extra bits if I have time.

Glad you liked the concept! Nice playthrough and commentary!

Good playthrough! Glad you liked the concept

I'm glad you liked playing and the easter egg! Thanks for making a video of your experience :)

Loved your playthrough!! I'm really glad you liked it and those are some great suggestions

Thanks so much for playing!! I really liked your commentary and insight into the mechanics!

Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! The Backrooms were an inspiration for sure.

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They are Connected

I like dinosaurs :)

I feel like I am gaming

1 hundo percent agree


Make me go :)


I totally agree! The way the levels are laid out rn are pretty messy, and the phone lines could be alot simpler to connect together. I'll be sure to keep that in mind and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you pushed through even if it was tough. Hope you had fun!

Yeah sorry about that I should explain it better :< Thanks for trying it though, I'm glad you like how it looks!

That's is a really good suggestion! Thank you

I like how all the mechanics relate to each other somehow. I think the one thing that needs the most improvement might just be the movement. Good job!

I'm glad people are still playing it, and it's making me want to fix some things. I'll try to make some of the levels a little more manageable. Thanks for playing!