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Now one of my fav game on earth, love bestiary games!

Friendly reminder: don't f*** with Brian

Le hack du style!

c'était super cool de juste enjoy un moment avec un ami à construire notre paradis infernal éphémère! merci pour cette mini capsule jouable! ;)

vroum planet

tea or coffee?

c'est en questioning?

Oh thanks for this super sweet comment!! 🥺

You made this with a lots of love, You made a doggo with a lots of love.

It's pretty cool! It reminds me my beginnings on a computer! And how I could be boring on it. :)

It's super if it explained to you!

I like to use "silly ideas" tho, because, some micro-ideas can create a lot of "arborescence mind", and create something which is very riche. :)

And thanks for your comments, they are super sweet to me! ^^



I lost but tha'ts  a pretty cool game! It's super cool to have a game which mention the "mental load"? (I don't know if it's the right words in english, but in French I mean "charge mentale" ^^)

Hey! Thanks for your appreciation too! :)

And yeah, my game has many faults, because I'm not a developper, i'm still learning with beginner tools (like bitsy or scratch), so my games have a lot of flaws, so I can understand how strange it could be, and the "bugs" you can find. ^^'

Well, thank you again and have a nice day!

Hello! First, thanks for your appreciation! I hope the english was enough good ^^

Then, to explain, the game criticize a bit (very a bit) the society, in the way where, the society wants us to be all the same. So it's violent, and the means to try to achieve it, are violent (that's why we have knife). Then, Charlie is a Circle but Charlie is your lovely friend, who loves u as Square, but Charlie loves u in all ways, but wants u to be good. But Charlie didn't want to join the party because Charlie knows that was a violent party. The party is a place where all the "industry" took place.

1/ We only accept Circles, and our Square had to adapt to get in.

2/ You can see the word play "Tomat'hoe's, which has the meaning of a "party", but it's mostly a word play with the agriculture. Tomatoes, and the hoe, which is a tool. At the end, Circles are "killing" tomatoes in a system of exploitation.

But tbh, I think I'm not totally conscious about my game, I need to take a step back. My very first idea was just a square which can't enter in the can aha! But here are the meanings that I can give you right now. Hope it would help you. :)

Have a nice day!

Ew? Ew.

A keyboard? Ew.

Disons que beaucoup de murs se sont effondrés avant lui 😆

Clairement... oui. Ce sera la part 2 de cette épopée gargantuesque!

Je veux juste prendre le soleil sur mon canapé en fermant les yeux et en pensant à l'avenir radieux qui m'attend dans mes rêves.

Les effets sonores sont particulièrement immersifs je trouve!

J'ai voulu essorer mes chaussettes humides dans la gourde pour avoir de l'eau, parce que Camping Survivor!

Un jeu Zork sur l'angoisse avec une bonne écriture qui permet de rentrer dedans!

J'ai encore une petite brochette en stock :)

jusqu'à ce que cette couleur rose immonde nous sépare....

je cherche quoi répondre depuis tout à l'heure mais à part que je trouve ça trop gentil j'ai rien, donc merci!!

Assumer le petit monstre en chacun de nous


addictif de se cogner dans les meubles

she loves sandwich