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Hey. Very VERY nice idea.
I really enjoyed it.
I want to share some thoughts on it:
1. The image you chose for does not do justice for the game. The game is much better than this image implies.
2.Sometimes camera has issues like it's stuck and i cannot see the targets
3.Consider add some different shoot control. For example the longer the shoot, the faster the powerbar.
4.If you wish refine net animation to make it more rewarding
5. Add some ball spin/roll sprites when the ball bounces.
6. In Long shots, camera does not follow the ball, so i cannot see the outcome of the shot
7. Consider refining ball physics somehow to be more unpredictable and interesting.

Again, very nice effort. Keep up!

Excellent game, lots of potential.
Keep it up.

Please make another soccer based game. :)

This game has awesome ball physics. Please make another soccer game.
Did you programmed the physics?

Well, i know that this post will be lost in the internet space.
But you sir, you've done some amazing ball phyiscs in this game.  Create another more polished soccer game please.
I am a keen soccer game fan, i've played almost any soccer game released. Also, i write reviews in gaming websites. The ball physics are very good. Did you programmed them yourself ? or its something like a template?