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Came in expecting horror, but what I got was heartfelt and lovely. Delightful.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Fugue in Void and the Brutalism exhbititions as well. Would love to try this (as well as Dunes, Moonoliths, and VoyageE). Send to

Greatly appreciate it!

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The title reminds me of that Tim & Eric sketch! Overall, an interesting play, though $5 is a bit much.

Tactfully executed, and absolutely terrifying. Great job!

I swear this game is a social satire in hiding.

Such a lovely, sweet game! Hits home.

The atmosphere is both dreadful and liberating. This is a breathtaking little game!

Fleshing out this concept to its full potential would work wonders.

I'm not one to usually marvel at architecture, but this game is just beautifully grand and minimalist. It's very polished too!

I just wish the fat aspect ratio bars weren’t there so I can see the other half of my screen. :)

This game is so endearing, uplifting, and adorable! Made my day!

You're one of the best developers on this site. This, along with \SPEK.TAKL\, are great games.

In my opinion, this game is an allegory for war and authority. The scribbles of “please” after each instruction contrasts the horrible nature of what is requested. The word “please” is a facade, creating a dynamic as if your boss were your equal. In reality, your boss is still your boss, “please” or not. The enemy is not only treated like snails, but are literally snails as well— and the consequences of your actions are heard at the end: the cries of a child, the shouts of soldiers, the coughing of the sick. "Please" is a gem.

Bizarre, endearing, and (surprisingly) both dreary and lighthearted. If you are still interested, please consider making some sort of continuation! :)

Grounded in humanity and has an important message. Just a magnificent little game!