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Cool looking homage to the Commodore 64 version of Activision's H.E.R.O.!!!  Played this a lot on the C-64, never finished it.  NEW levels, huh?  Now I'll never complete it! ;)  Great game though, thanks for your hard work (love that it comes in PC, Mac, AND Linus - very nice)!

Will this be able to convert JPEG's into C-64 ready graphics?

Interesting... Kinda like a "Choose your adventure" novel (remember those?) but with dice, cards & other R.P.G. elements (and Jenga)?  <u>Choose Your Own Adventure - Wikipedia</u>  Actually purchased this four(?) years ago in a "Racial Justice and Equality" bundle, haven't been able to sort thru everything in there.  I should revisit,"The Wretched".  Thanks for posting this YouTube review.

Shame about not being able to release the NTSC version of this C-64 game.  But thanks to WinVICE I'll probably get to play NewsStand soon enough (thanks for releasing this).

Pity that user modding isn't supported (I can imagine a bunch of additions inspired by Carmeggedon, James Bond, etc).

Purchased this game in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.  So it NEED's a XBox controller to play it?  Are there other controller's/game pad's that are supported?  Would love to see keyboard/mouse support added at some point (hopefully).  The YouTube video makes this look like a really cool game.  Best wishes.