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A member registered Jan 04, 2017

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You can follow them on Facebook as well https://www.facebook.com/RaftS...

Interesting game. There should be a graveyard for unfinished games not being updated anymore. Or at least a clear visual indication (like written in red on the thumbnail).

V1.05: I have a palmtree growing in the cropplot after leaving the game and starting it up again. The bug was also in V1.04

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Ability to have more items stacked - isn't that more of a change/update rather than a patch? Patches are usually for things like bugfixes.

Though it would be nice to have as long as the chest-bug is there.

Some items you can't destroy directly such as the cooking station and the water purifier. Instead destroy the foundation below and the item will disappear.

On Windows as well

A workaround is to destroy the floor below. Then the item will disappear

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Sometimes when loading a saved game all chests are empty, planted seeds are gone, tincans from the purifyers are gone, food are gone from the cooking stations and crops are messed up (See picture).


Edit: Playing 64bit on Windows 10