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Oh yeah just noticed it! Its actually pretty annoying.

Yeah I didn’t know about that until after the development.

Oh yeah just noticed that! Unfortunately I lost the files for the game so it can’t be changed lol.

fat aah cat

You should try Godot! It’s more extensive than scratch and you can make more stuff in it.

Pretty cool! I like the buttons.. Are they from the “Clear Code” tutorial?

Cool! I’m using pygame for the current project i’m developing.

Oof, we all start somewhere!

Hm, maybe. I think the current speed is just ok, but maybe the game would be more thrilling with the enemies and player both being faster!

Thank you!


Huh, good idea! Maybe I could implement that.

Yeah I know, the game is a little buggy as I made it a while ago when i was a little new to godot and programming.

Woah, that was unexpected! Really cool short game, i enjoyed it.

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I love the art style, good job! The music does sound a little odd in the beginning tho :)

I love the concept of the game, also the art looks sick!

I love the look of the game, also very cute duck

This is amazing! One of the best games ive seen made with pygame. Good work!

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I really like it ! It feels really smooth and the 3d models look nice too. Also, could you check out my games sometime? I made them with godot and would appreciate some feedback.I reccomend playing ‘Bots n’ Bugs’

Great Game! I played it for the first time it cae out on scratch

truly the best games to be created in our time. exceeds titles like god of war and minecraft by a long shot. the art , the soundtrack, the level design, the RTX REALISTIC GRAPHICS , oh its so good. I had an existential crisis cos i couldn’t differ the graphics of this game from the real world. It’s SO good it looks EXACTLY like the real world. 10/10, HECK 10000/10.

Yeah I guess, thanks.

Uhhh I kinda coded it ? I’m Flashsloth on scratch. I haven’t downloaded the game but it looks like my project you remixed. You could make whatever you want with that project but you just had to give credit :)

what did you use to code this?

great game ! Also i follow you on scratch with the same username

This is really cool ! I’ve seen your games on scratch and they’re equally great. Also,I’m learning blender too.

great game ! Also i have played your scratch games and they are amazing


Thanks ! It’s rare I get comments on my projects so this was a shock. Also yeah, i’ve been thinking of joining a game jam for a while,maybe I will!

how can i add a new button in my website ?

Hi, I just got CSS customization permission granted to me and I can’t figure out how to add a hover effect to the games on my profile page. Can anyone help ?


I love this ! And I just wanna say that your videos inspired me to start making games :)

I've seen your Scratch projects btw

this is great !

hahaha i like it !

Thanks !

its awesome , btw !

looks nice !

cool , i like it !

thanks !!