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Nice concept, gives me stephen's sausage roll vibes. Some feedback on hitting the switch with the right face would be lovely. Also I accidently got softlocked in the 2nd level. Made my brain think hard!

Interesting concept, felt like a mix between the strategic turn based spacing of advance wars/fire emblem, coupled with the survival aspects of spore's cell stage/flow.

The difficulty curve of "dueling" with other competitors to get in the best position as size increased was challenging but fair, and I appreciate the distribution of items that help prepare for bad luck/rolls.

I would have preferrred if moving around was a little faster, maybe enemy turns could change speed depending on how close to danger you are.

The markers to indicate the behaviours of AI were well appreciated and the choice of sounds and music was charming.

Overall, nice work!

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This was really nice. I enjoyed just figuring out the game while coasting around and how you used the concept and evolved it. Circling around the lamps was very satisfying, and the pacing and the music of the game made it feel like something straight out of a level in flower (which just so happens to be about the dreams of flowers!).

Definitely the kind of thing best experienced either early in the morning or late at night.

I like the environment, it felt immersive and interesting to step around in, I appreciate the little details like the different footstep sounds and the slowly drifting snow.

The idea of figuring out what each wish could be used for on the fly whilst trying to prioritise where to put them has potential!

The puzzles are quite challenging and easy to mess up and get stuck in, sometimes due to weird physics jank with stacked objects, but figuring them out is very gratifying and pulling it off is quite gratifying. I feel like the one crucial lesson which didn't get taught (discovered accidently while mashing buttons to solve a puzzle) was the ability to connect webs to objects above/below Yamame.

The puzzle order could be tinkered with, but overall I enjoyed how they all required unique solutions.

Nice work!

You didn't have to go and make the drums dynamically phase in at 18 cats, but you did anyway and that's wonderful.

Very nice, physics and controls are smooth and the visuals are minimalist and functional. Immersive water noises and fun level design makes this a short but sweet game.

Hey, this was a fun game! The jump physics felt weird at first before I realised it works as expected coming from a Quake engine, and when the grappling hook came up it felt like the training wheels came off and I could zip up and over islands just momentum. Liking the variety of atmospheres created with limited assets, as well as all the little nooks and crannies where coins are hidden.

Overall great exploration with fun movement, cute graphics and amusing sound effects (blublublub), very good stuff!

Interesting little schmup, nice art and boppin tracks, I can see that with some more time the game could be finished off as a complete toho fangame. The "secondary combat objective" of money for a separate attack was quite cool, would like to see how that could be expanded upon with the way money bags spawn, etc.

This was a fun little game, I enjoyed the dynamic of figuring out the the implied value of items, whilst keeping in mind the preferences of the wacky characters (a bird!?). There was a point where I had to trade down in value to get a more a appropriate item to trade back up in value for Slug's stock, which was very cool.

Only a minor issue in text wrapping past the edges of the box for a few lines of dialogue, otherwise technically sound!

Lovely humour and usage of the LD theme ("Snake Oil" had me chuckle). Overall a short but enjoyable game. Yeehaw!

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Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

We didn't get time to iron out much of the gameplay since it was only in a playable state a few hours before the deadline :s 

The majority of the game flow was based on roleplay/theory so I'm surpised it came out in a decently working condition tbh. But hey sometimes the first person you talk to is who you're looking for... (but yes noted for later)

A fun little concept, graphics were neat, a little bit slow but I liked the ability to experiment with different combinations before committing.

This was short and sweet, I enjoyed it!


I don't know what Higan is but it certainly seems opressive. The enemies have some itneresting interactions, though I'm not sure what to do to avoid the hyperspeed ones other than pray to RNG they spawn far enough away from you. I appreciate that you can go backwards to an extent as well - a neat little mechanic.

The music and sound design, coupled with the movement of the flowers is beautiful, so atmospherically, great work!

This was really cute little game!