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Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

We didn't get time to iron out much of the gameplay since it was only in a playable state a few hours before the deadline :s 

The majority of the game flow was based on roleplay/theory so I'm surpised it came out in a decently working condition tbh. But hey sometimes the first person you talk to is who you're looking for... (but yes noted for later)

A fun little concept, graphics were neat, a little bit slow but I liked the ability to experiment with different combinations before committing.

This was short and sweet, I enjoyed it!


I don't know what Higan is but it certainly seems opressive. The enemies have some itneresting interactions, though I'm not sure what to do to avoid the hyperspeed ones other than pray to RNG they spawn far enough away from you. I appreciate that you can go backwards to an extent as well - a neat little mechanic.

The music and sound design, coupled with the movement of the flowers is beautiful, so atmospherically, great work!

This was really cute little game!