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Nothing much our team can share for Day 3 :'( we've been blocked on working on this but expect to cram more work as we get closer to Friday.

Snake worked on making background music, I worked on a mockup for the background and environment, and Leo has started experimenting with 3D modelling the enemies, which initially we would have animated in 3D and then converted as 2D sprites. It sounds like Leo's original idea won't be explored anymore, however. 

Aww yay! Thanks for taking a look, I still really liked working on this ^^ 

Thanks so much for playing! <33

bnoop the arrows to the bneat!!!!

Great! Yes, just for the sake of future reference, extracting is unzipping. 

It looks like you're running the windows executable. Did you download the, extract it, and then run the app? 

Just played this game on PC for the first time through the Free Games with Prime section with no context and was pleasantly surprised by the entire story. Best of luck to everyone going through something similar to Samira's own struggle.

Thanks so much for playing! Not sure if I'll finish this ever, since my art (and hopefully my writing) has improved a lot since I last worked on this, and I think it would be better suited for an RPG or comic. But who knows!

Really appreciate you going through so many indie games and trying them out, as well as leaving comments. It's really nice for a lot of indies to see.

If you wanted to try something I worked on more seriously (and it's actually complete!), you can try Otomeru. It's not super romantic-focused, but very much character-based.

Really impressed by the quality and the simple mechanics. LOVE the beats!


Super excited for both Defaction and //TODO: when you have time!! :D

After you download the folder and extract the contents, you should open the newly extracted folder and see something like this:
The pink-Renpy-girl-icon / "Otomeru.exe" file is the game. Double click it/open the file to play it!

SUCCESS even tho i too cannot read!! GO YUN!!!

Super interested in seeing the development process pdf!! Incredible job by an amazing team, and of course, the best moms :D 

It's a local multiplayer game only! So you'd need to play it with someone else at the same computer; no online gameplay!