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Really impressed by the quality and the simple mechanics. LOVE the beats!


Super excited for both Defaction and //TODO: when you have time!! :D

After you download the folder and extract the contents, you should open the newly extracted folder and see something like this:
The pink-Renpy-girl-icon / "Otomeru.exe" file is the game. Double click it/open the file to play it!

SUCCESS even tho i too cannot read!! GO YUN!!!

Super interested in seeing the development process pdf!! Incredible job by an amazing team, and of course, the best moms :D 

Just played the demo on iOS today, and I have to admit I LOVED the characters! I wasn't expecting some of the dead characters and implied violence of the world based on the cute art style, but it made me take the game more "seriously" when adventuring! 

The tutorials for each class were well done! It took me four tries to complete Lysia's correctly, once for Randall, once for Yanmei and five times for Skye, but despite this I loved Lysia and Skye the most. Skye's tutorial in particular resonated with me, and I really enjoyed having a "moment to myself" and also drove home the fear of being unsure of my own abilities without the group to protect me. 

I had a little bit of trouble "seeing" where I was going on the map because of my thumb blocking the way, but I like this system over a designated d-pad. Another thing that puzzled me was the story, since I didn't have this background to understand what was going on; I thought maybe the group were either all secretly in a polyamorous relationship (I'm still all for this!) or the bandits who had intended to attack Sara. 

I'm excited to see this completed! The art is really lovely, and I loved the mixture of visual novel dialogue and battle elements, especially for a mobile game. Amazing work!

It's a local multiplayer game only! So you'd need to play it with someone else at the same computer; no online gameplay!