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Ive spent over half an hour on the first level and 132 deaths, Ive gotten to the point where you wait at a corner for 7-8 niceguy animation cycles and jump to survive the corner dropping where you go from here? 

The poop vine? somehow jumping onto the invisible wall once the clouds have floated offscreen? some specific jump that tricks the falling brick?some double jump under the ground using the fallen corner? is it the B button? 



Thanks, feel free to add any info I didn't find out 

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All tier 1&2 stats &info for items units spells and buildings

tier 3  stats &info for items spells and some units

stats &info for 1 tier 4 unit

the upper right hand shop slot is the only early access slot if you make a lv3 thing while it is full you wont get anything from the tier above

Tier 1

bat curse deals 1 damage per step for 3 turns

lv3 bat curse deals 3 damage per step(for 3 turns?)

lv1 skeleton 1a1h +1 coin on purchase and level up to lv2

lv2 skeleton 2a2h

lv3 skeleton 3a3h

lv1 flying skull 1a1h

lv2 flying skull 2a2h summons lv1 flying skull with its item on death

lv3 flying skull 3a3h summons lv2 flying skull with its item on death

lv1 viking 1a2h clears attack buffs on level up

lv2 viking 1a4h clears attack buffs on level up 

lv3 viking 1a7h VIKINGS!

lv1 rock skelly 1a1h throws 1 rock(1)on step

lv2 rock skelly 2a2h throws 1 rock(1)on step has 3 rocks

lv3 rock skelly 3a3h throws 1 rock(2)on step has 5 rocks

lv1 bowie 1a1h   first 2 steps attacks 1 rando

lv2 bowie 2a2h   first 2 steps attacks 2 rando

lv3 bowie 3a3h   first 4 steps attacks 4 rando

Tier 2

lv1 bard 1a1h  1a0h summon buff on lane

lv1 bard 2a2h  2a1h summon buff on lane

lv1 bard 3a3h  5a2h summon buff on lane

lv1 nurse 1a1h heal ally for 1 twice

lv1 nurse 1a1h heal ally for 2 twice

lv3 nurse 3a3h heal ally for 4 thrice

lv1 summoner 1a1h summons 2 1a1h imps on death

lv2 summoner 2a2h summons 2 2a2h imps on death

lv3 summoner 3a3h summons 2 3a3h imps on death with sheilds

lv1 Stickie 1a 2h

lv2 Stickie 3a 4h

lv3 Stickie 6a 7h

lv1 Ratfolk 2a1h summons 1 1a1h ratling on death

lv2 Ratfolk 3a2h summons 3  1a1h ratlings on death

lv3 Ratfolk 4a4h summons 3  lv1 ratfolk on death

ratling 1a1h health cannot be buffed

lv1 mausolem  mausoleim bank gives 1coin per turn

lv2 bank  gives 2coins per turn sells for 2

lv3 bank gives 4coins per turn sells for 3

bone summon funny bone 2a2h on death

milk 1a1h stat increase

bone book summons 1a1h skeleton

lv3 bone book summons lv1 summoner

Tier 3

lv1 milkman 1a2h on death buffs ally for 2a1h

lv2 milkman 2a4h on death buffs ally for 4a3h

lv3 milkman 3a5h on death buffs ally for 6a5h gives shield

lv 1 assasin 1a2h throws knife(1a) at first enemy after ally in front attacks

lv 2 assasin 2a3h throws knifes(2a & 1a) at first 2 enemies after ally in front attacks

lv 3 assasin 3a4h


lv1 excalibur 2a2h doubles attack after level up

lv2 excalibur 6*a3h doubles attack after level up

lv3 excalibur 14*a4h

*hopefully you got to buff before the level up though 




shield shields 2damage from every attack

blessing spell shields one attack and is dispelled 

lv3 blessing spell shields one attack and is dispelled also doubles attack until dispelled

Tier 4 

lv1 succ 1a2h on hit seduces enemy except king

lv2 succ 2a3h on hit seduces enemy except king

lv3 succ 3a4h on hit seduces enemy except king

lv1 big boned 2a4h gains 2a on attack

lv2 big boned 3a5h gains 4a on attack

lv3 big boned 4a6h gains 6a on attack

lv1 rock star ah gives blessing to first 6 summons

lv1 rock star ah gives blessing to first 12 summons

lv1 rock star ah gives lv3blessing to summons* 

*could be wrong about that

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I just beat the king for the first time, during the run I realised lv3 characters were a thing, big dumb I know.

Anyway my middle lane had lv2succubus lv3 assasin lv3 bard lv3summoner with bone item lv1summoner

lane 3 had a lv3rock star

I was hoping to seduce the king but they died to the summons,

does anyone know if theres a special ending if the king is seduced

and/or an ending for when the king is seduced but you are brought down by the princes

Edit: it looks like the king is immune even to a lv 3 succubus

Im tempted to buff a succubus until she can survive multiple hits 

52 on second and last try

good game but im on tackpad

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it looks like refreshing solved most of the problems, still having trouble with save code

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After losing my first 4 hour save completed game in 21 hours, 

spammed chemotherapy trying to see how quickly I could regain all upgraded, made all my stage 2 loreds key, used chemotherapy one more time 

eveything has become unresponsive including the export save code part and my fan has turned off for the first time in over 24 hours

theres a couple of other things that are also off, like the lored popups appearing in the top left corner, limit break is at 0, but some loreds have just leveled up to mid 50s

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how do i import save  data?

Could you make it so that if the police are reeling you in and the hand doesn't move for 5 seconds the hand becomes intangible I kept having to restart the whole game because the they couldn't take me to jail. 

Hell on a trackpad but fun anyway.

Thanks completed it first try after your advice

Any tips for after you get the last petal?


I mean you're not wrong but still, rude

Lies and betrayal!

 (In the 3rd stage there are trophies that require specific colour combinations) 

note: wights only generate XP during combat before you get the stage 2 wight special achievement

you can bypass the problem by using an auto clicker to click abt 3 times with an inhumanly short interval; I use iMouseTrick.

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URL no longer works says

"Not a valid community" could someone share some secret trophy tips, Ive only gotten silver chalice

do the soul colours impact things like attack, defence and generation rates or is it cosmetic.

Some Exp based upgrades would be cool, like they damage the enemies as they pass over or turn into landmines after long enough or shoot toward you damaging enemies on the way, or they can be collected by bullets

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I've been practicing runs where I can only use my mouse for upgrades however I'm not sure what to call it, aimless, mouseless, pacifist or shotless.

Also on the run after I bought all the upgrades I got to 2:XX left and everything went red making it really hard to see anything, after I died it was still red so I refreshed the page progress was lost but it stopped being red.

Edit: the run where I got to under 3mins wasn't an aimless, mouseless, pacifist or shotless run.

At first I thought the horror was the dawning realisation that Charlie was going to interrupt snake forever 

also you cant just let the feathered ones die they go green and their feathers fall off, feed them a beetle every couple of trips

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Thanks for this comment I was overwhelmed my first try, but this comment showed me it was possible, I did it with a sliver of hp, 2 bomb hits and 2hearts.

One of the bombs was a blind click at the start.

ps Im on a trackpad

If you get all slime to the end the combined slime doesn't trigger the end of the level.

V trackpad unfriendly

good game, played until sick of it, REALLY sick of it now ,will never play again.

I tried climbing the diagonal pillar from trans to passing and could almost get there if it wasn't for the fence I might have been able to. Was that intentional as some kind of metaphor? 

Did you find the void room?

Damn I went to the blue door in the beginning and thought that going to the pink door first would reveal a  masc room