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Could you make it so that if the police are reeling you in and the hand doesn't move for 5 seconds the hand becomes intangible I kept having to restart the whole game because the they couldn't take me to jail. 

Hell on a trackpad but fun anyway.

Thanks completed it first try after your advice

Any tips for after you get the last petal?


I mean you're not wrong but still, rude

Lies and betrayal!

 (In the 3rd stage there are trophies that require specific colour combinations) 

note: wights only generate XP during combat before you get the stage 2 wight special achievement

you can bypass the problem by using an auto clicker to click abt 3 times with an inhumanly short interval; I use iMouseTrick.

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URL no longer works says

"Not a valid community" could someone share some secret trophy tips, Ive only gotten silver chalice

do the soul colours impact things like attack, defence and generation rates or is it cosmetic.

Some Exp based upgrades would be cool, like they damage the enemies as they pass over or turn into landmines after long enough or shoot toward you damaging enemies on the way, or they can be collected by bullets

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I've been practicing runs where I can only use my mouse for upgrades however I'm not sure what to call it, aimless, mouseless, pacifist or shotless.

Also on the run after I bought all the upgrades I got to 2:XX left and everything went red making it really hard to see anything, after I died it was still red so I refreshed the page progress was lost but it stopped being red.

Edit: the run where I got to under 3mins wasn't an aimless, mouseless, pacifist or shotless run.

At first I thought the horror was the dawning realisation that Charlie was going to interrupt snake forever 

also you cant just let the feathered ones die they go green and their feathers fall off, feed them a beetle every couple of trips

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Thanks for this comment I was overwhelmed my first try, but this comment showed me it was possible, I did it with a sliver of hp, 2 bomb hits and 2hearts.

One of the bombs was a blind click at the start.

ps Im on a trackpad

If you get all slime to the end the combined slime doesn't trigger the end of the level.

V trackpad unfriendly

good game, played until sick of it, REALLY sick of it now ,will never play again.

I tried climbing the diagonal pillar from trans to passing and could almost get there if it wasn't for the fence I might have been able to. Was that intentional as some kind of metaphor? 

Did you find the void room?

Damn I went to the blue door in the beginning and thought that going to the pink door first would reveal a  masc room