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A pretty solid game overall. I mostly like the game's art direction, which goes well with the quirky little narrative you've got going on. Seems to be a common theme with puzzle-based visual novels like these.

If it weren't for the butter-slippery physics of this game, I would probably enjoy this a lot more. During the final level in particular, the fact that your movement is so slippery makes it WAY too easy to screw up. I know the level is supposed to be hard, with the giant hazards, the cloud puzzles, and the final chase, but the jump height, in combination with a lack of ability to see what's beneath you when you jump, makes it a lot more frustrating than it should be. Not to mention the size of those enemies, and having to do the jumps JUST right, especially with how fast the Thwomp comes down and how fast the Podoboo pops up and down.

Now that's a nice piece of ass

I see that BF is going to remain smol

The hell was up with that final battle?

I really wish that there was more to this game. Would really love to see more intractability, maybe some digestion and post-content.

Still wondering just how far you are going to go with this, without crossing any boundaries (those vocally unwanted by the original creators of the characters)

There are still some things that make this difficult, surprisingly:

Time is much less lenient, there's no running, AND some enemies home in on you or pile up as they run away.

This game is fun, but damn does it get wonky.

I find it weird that a demo has the player already starting at Level 38, and yet the standard enemies can be so hard to defeat on your first try. If this is supposed to be like Pokemon, let the demo ease you into the game INSTEAD of tossing you into it. I can appreciate there is a guide, but it doesn't work if you aren't given a tutorial in the game itself.  And due to how the stats system works, with that, it's difficult to know when a move will do solid damage or be a bullshit OHKO. And this is in the single-player campaign. Why?

This game came out in 2022? It really feels like something that would have come out in the early 2000s. Based on your website and how this was designed for Windows XP, I'm pretty sure that was intentional.

You do realize this very game has vore in it, even though the devs didn't intend for it to come off that way, right?

Hey, if you ever want Lamu to have a voice beyond the sounds they make, I'd like to audition!

Here's a sample of my attempts at voicing them

In case you can't read this: "If you can get past the seizure-inducing visuals, this is a worthwhile play."

I am going to find time to print this out at the library.

I am having trouble even starting the game. Once I get to the "ahh...", there is no indication of what button I am to press.

Except for the final portion of the game, where Lamu stalks you with their weird-ass 3D model, I wouldn't really call this game scary. Maybe if I was younger I would be a lot more horrified by this, as horror is subjective. At the same time, though, this is still a pretty fun and goofy game! At first, I was kinda unnerved by Lamu's design, but gradually I just found it funny the more you ate the innocent people. This feels like a vore game, especially considering the second ending. Solid game to kill at least half an hour with!

Well, this is the weirdest game I have ever played. I do like the art style, the various Easter eggs, and the soundtrack choices. However, the game felt way too linear for it to feel enjoyable. It was boring, but strange enough for me to keep going.

I guess I'll have to try this later on.  If you could make this downloadable, that would help.

How do you convince your sister to eat you?  I've tried just about every option, and I can't figure out a way to do it.

Needs more magical girls