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Cory Mahler

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Hey there,

Another composer here (multi genre bassist). I've dug my hands into ue4 integration and sound design as well if that's useful. Let's make somethin weirrd

this is cracking me up. Love the shareware crack version stuff, and the lo-res everything. :D

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Hi there!

I'm looking for folks to join in this neat jam here.

My areas of use are Music, sounds, integration [mainly familiar with UE4 and FMOD Studio]. I am also fairly handy in UE4 Blueprints. Happy to work in Unity as well, of course!


Hit me up either in the #ResistJam Discord, Twitter [@Flalaski], or email: CoryMahlerMusic@gmail.com ! :)

Hey there, I mainly do Music and sound, though I am potentially handy in some other things (like UE4 Blueprints, maybe some art)

Hit me up if you'd like to collab!