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ordered in half a sec! Thank you. 

For those of us that funded the original printing, where do we get the updated pdf files from? I can't seem to figure out where that download came from.

Will the physical books be available to purchase after Kickstarter fulfillment is done?

Will do.

May have been that my address was not yet updated? It now is.

I don't seem to have ever gotten my pre-order. Was there a tracking number associated with it?

Me too. Don't see the usual link to the address field after purchasing

I just saw that Soul Muppet now has print copies of this. Congratulations!

Can you tell us if this is going to make it to a retail place in the US?

I am in for the hardcover goal (much preferred). In the meantime I have the pdf.

Thanks, that worked.

I purchased a copy from floatingchair, does this include access to the pdf, or do I need to procure that separately.

Btw, this is really good. Bought it on a whim and really like it.

You are talking about fantasy plants here, so this real-world stuff may not apply, but ocotillo are covered in spiny, long, wicked thorns from bottom to top. Additionally the "sticks" are very brittle and would break very easily if used as a walking stick. I speak from experience, they are totally not worth the effort to make into something you would want to hold. The one domesticated use for the branches I have seen is as a makeshift thatching for a ramada roof to provide shade from the sun.

Hey, I got this from Exalted funeral and was also hoping to get the digital files, is that possible?