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its fkkcloud @ gmail

Hello Sure, I will send you private message!

ok, I will definitely fix this bug this week. Thanks for the report!

*spoliler alert* the girl stop but if you press the tab again, the girl should resume moving but if you tab again, she will stop again. Basically you are letting her go was the point. See if that works and let me know if it still does not -

Thank you!!

BestLuck is featured as Game Of The Day!

I love this experience. awesome job :)

Yes, it is playable with keyboard. That's all you need to play.

from gamejolt post

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over 110k view of BestLuck gameplay here

weslisard gaming


Magnificent emotion

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(THIS IS VERY OLD VERSION BTW) Found this on youtube :)

thank you for posting a video for a short demo! :)

Hello, this is BestLuck developer. thanks for playing the game! There will be some update towards April so please keep an eye on it :) Thanks!

more updates are coming soon-! Thanks for playing :)

thank you for playing Bestluck

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working on puzzle based on doors of doors and well its challenging for me but super excited for some future ideas that I want to continue


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Awesome video!! Its great to see a person's face going through the puzzles in my game..! hahaha

I have new build with 6 more puzzles which might not be uploaded into until the release. If you want to try the build, please msg/fb/twit me through the link! :)

Hey, Jonbre01,

Thank you, I am working hard on the puzzles and story implementation lately. Its coming in March 2017 so keep your eyes on it :)

Hello there jaehol!

Glad you liked the current state of the tech demo and awesome feedbacks!!

If you want to play the latest build which might not be submitted to until the release, please msg me / fb me / twitter me through the link :) Definitely want to have some game-testers!

Hey Samillennium, definitely enjoyed your recording. Good to know that you had fun time playing it!

Hey moshyfawn! Thanks for playing my early tech demo :)

Your video was definitely interesting and hope to see you playing my game again.

Thank you Adam :) Yeah its coming along nicely and looking forward to update soon!

I love the feeling overall! hope it was a full game :)

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thank you for your kind feedback. I will get this ready around March this year and hope lots of people enjoy what I will be enjoying making.

Hi this is BestLuck developer. Thanks for playing the game and hope you like the next update as well :) !!

thanks for posting it again Angry! love your 18+ humors

friend from facebook sent me feedback about playing the short gameplay demo


Me: What button do I hit to skip the text!? I'm trying everthing?!

gf: *hits spacebar to skip text*


gf: so pretty

Me: I love this navigation system


*we solve the door puzzle*


you jumpscared us with a demo hahaha

also we were mad when it ended, I wanted to walk though the arches. Overall I give it

IGN 8.5/10

*great graphics
*emotional story
*the pointing moved me

-jumpscares made me drop food
-voice acting was too quiet
-want more


Thanks for sharing Raphael :)

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Hello, I appreciate playing the game and video uploading :) It should not let you skip actually but I did not set any boundary so.. well! Updates will come soon :)

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thanks! looking forward to updating next build :)

Hi, thanks for playing the game :) video looks awesome!

Hi Bellannmae, thanks for enjoying the gameplay. Can't wait to update the next version :)

I think this one is duplicated post but thanks!!

thank you for playing and I guess you are the fastest gameplay puzzle solver so far..! ghost puxxx is best puxxx made my day! :)

Hi, thanks for the feedback and playing the demo gameplay :)

Hello! here is my email address -

Hi, thanks for trying it out and putting up the video. Will have update end of January so hopefully it makes more sense on the puzzles :)

Hi JankyShenanigans! I really appreciate playing this game :) Will have update with new puzzles/polish + fixes based on feedbacks that I got so far around end of January.