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I love this program! Been using it for like two years now :3

you madman lmao

haha I've read a few people telling me they would do it allthough the music will probably get annoying after a while

that's awesome!

hell yeah! You can also play the 30 second version in the downloads if you're curious haha

you can download the 30 second version ;)

btw awesome song lol

Scratch cat was always scary for me but this hits different

no. your piece must be perfect.

lmao I'm actually braindead. Thanks for pointing that out!

I was gonna but it almost has 100 ratings now and I can't keep up anymore o.0

I did make a 30 second version for the downloads, if you wanna find out haha

very original comment

Yup! It's 48 hours! If you want to see the alarm when the timer runs our, you can download the 30 second version haha

Woah that was a bunch of creative level design

woah I feel like my role has been reversed

(1 edit)

This is so cool and relaxing! Please put it on the PlayStore! This game has a lot of potential ^^

Edit: Okay I guess the rotation part would be hard for mobile but I really love this game haha

I agree! I also really enjoyed that haha

YEOUCH! Made it to wave 11! Really interesting idea, was really exciting to play (and anxiety inducing lol)

woah woah I feel like I got tricked here

wait, where did I type that? lol

lol I knew I wasn't the only one! The fact that your timer gets stuck might be that your browser is slow or limiting memory (maybe you're using Opera GX or something). You can of course also download the game if you want it to go smoother!

The asthetic is so good and I'm super impressed by the music. That electric guitar is so good! Really nice overall!

Love the spin! Also cool that the colour gets randomized every round. It's just small touches like this that make me think: "nice ^^"

This is so impressive! The Build name made it look like developting this was a nightmare but looks like it paid off after all! Mad respect for the project management!

yeah something does happen haha. You can download the 30 second version for that ^^ (volume warning)

lol that's awesome

Really cool game and I love the polishment in sound and visuals! Neat music choise aswell! My only critique is that you have to control the UI with the mouse for a game that's otherwhise only played with a keyboard

it's really good for 24 hours!

Pretty cool rage game! One thing I don't get is why does this game have chromatic aberation? lol

this is awesome! Thanks a lot

Does it work in URP?

Will it work in URP?

lmao this reminds me of this album 

Awesome! Wishlisted!


-not owl

click the circleeees

to the bea- oh

This effect is awesome! It adds a lot of  juice and is easy to use :3

one of my new favorite packages