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Open a book at a random page, pick a random word or phrase - there's your theme.  Or repeat until you have a few that spark off each other.

Try making something in Godot. Have fun. Rules - nah.

Actually I found a bit of extra time and I have now implemented reducing the sound relative to the distance. Thanks again for the feedback.

Entirely fair comment. Thanks for playing. I wondered how long it would take someone to figure out simply using the sound cue would make the game too easy. The answer was clearly not very long. The overall slowness was more that I didn't think a frantic pace of gameplay would fit with the dream ambience but I can see that it would be too slow for many tastes. It really was just an experiment that I wondered about releasing at all but as I'd put in the effort I thought I might as well.

Downloaded again just so I could give some pennies. Hugely likeable. Love the webcomic too.