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Ive figured all the rules now, and this was magnificent. If you liked LOK you're in for a treat. I thought this would be a smaller side project but the revelations about the rules are just as satisfying to get!

i did it!


i thought for the longest time that scrolling down so the game window goes offscreen to deactivate the walls was the intended solution! I was thinking 'weird idea but i guess thats interesting, anticipating the player would be scrolling down to the comments when confused'. Until the last level where that didnt help haha and i figured the actual twist. Fun game!

haha thats a great no ball drag solution. an honor to have you play, i've played and love so many of your games!

Incredible game! I've never played a metroidvania where you can entirely figure out what upgrades you need and how to get them just by looking at the map screen, until now. It's so elegant.


I accidentally read the rule of how the transformations are allowed before playing, and imo it made the experience much better for me that i knew the 2-overlap rule outright. There were enough other things to figure out in the game already that were fun when knowing that rule.

Thank you! I have still yet to beat EXTEN..

Let me know if you find any interesting sequence challenges haha

im glad you think so! i've been toying the idea of a small full game. i'll probably keep tinkering on it, thanks for the comment

loved it! the person at home coming out of the house when we're on the main line is such a heart-warming detail that i was invested getting the protagonist home..

wow a mobile solve, that was some constrained screen space. congratulations!

never seen this solution before, its great!! glad you like the game!

thanks! lol great solution

nice! deleting your solution before this goes public just to not spoil it for others. but congrats

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Hi Hyacinni, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! And glad that spamming worked haha, that's so funny, there was a tile covering the portal tile by accident, so there was a chance you could still hit that portal tile it seems. Thank you for the report!

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Hi rank7bil, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! Thank you for the report!

Great game! 

To anyone looking for an easy way to scan QR codes (for some reason my camera app had a lot of trouble scanning these), on Windows you can use Win+Shift+S to copy it to your clipboard, then just paste it here:

fun and devious level designs!

Thank you for the playthrough! It's so good to see all the intended solutions being used haha

david added it to their soundcloud!

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the game feel in this is so satisfying and hilarious, especially pushing against a wall. the intro scene made me laugh as well, lovely!

oh wow 4 puzzles in and these are so elegant...

edit: 10 days later, finished it, one of my favourite puzzle games ever

great mechanic, best puzzles

I LOVE IT THANK YOU dear friends TT

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Level #14 took me ages over the past few days, my pet pasttime project. Was glorious and bittersweet to finally solve it. Best puzzle game i've played all year, delicious graphics and theming

thanks for the video! really cool to see how its like for someone to get how the game works across a play session

Loved it!

One of my favourites from the confounding calendar!

thanks pancelor, was a mixup with some arrays and scheduling, fixed now! (on itch)

fun! clever ideas that were fun to discover in all the levels.

Hi, the credits offer was only if you bought it before Dec 14th 2019. That was when we closed the preorders (made it password-protected) and removed the credits bonus from the feature list. There were just too many credits to fit by that point. Appreciate you preordering the game anyway, thank you so much.

Thank you for buying and glad you liked it after all these years, means a lot!

thank you so much!! hope you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for the reminder to update this page plaster haha. RIP Flash, same to you and may 2021 finally be Rhythm Doctor year

the email on your account! you'll also be able to redeem it logging into directly even if you didn't check your email, since it'll be automatically added to your account.

Hey Razkanaz, sorry for the late reply:

1. it'll be emailed to you!

2. that was only for people who preordered last year unfortunately, before we took down this page publicly and removed the 'special thanks' perk from the list here. The people who preordered when the perk was still advertised should have received the email already last year confirming their credit name. We might decide to still include it as a thanks.txt somewhere in the game files for fun, but we will do an announcement here if we do

pixel pop! both of these were inspired by Rhythm Heaven, you'll definitely like that one if you havent seen it

cool game and fun tech, good job!!!

Oh, I think maybe you didn't extract the zip before playing it? (right-click the zip file, click extract) Let me know if that worked and if it did i'll update the txt file with that instruction. Thank you!

LOL I once got "You were as good as ... a broken guitar string." in RH