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oh hahaha, well it is a nice fan-name

oh are you Sound of Mystery?? Haha i just realised maybe it is you :)

hey, wow congrats!! yeah the 'easiest' level is just a bonus extra challenge haha i know its really difficult. thank you for preordering, we are still working hard on the game!


thanks kutark!! see you next BIC :P

Hey, thanks for your question! The phone version will come out much later unfortunately. Right now this preorder is for the pc & mac version only, there's no way to buy for phone yet. Sorry about it!

thanks Jey, yeah i remember you from the flash game's comment section haha. thank you for the long support!

thanks SynXyn! and hi discord person

Hey Undyner! Yeah we will release the OST, and we're not sure how much because we are still building it up right now and might continue to build it up after release. At most it'll be as expensive as Undertale's because how can we even compare. Thank you for your interest, as the composer of the game it means a lot!

hey soul, thank you, so glad you think so!!

hey, its most likely cause you need to extract the whole folder first before playing it (it can't access the song files if they're still in the zip, thats why). congrats on S ranking everything! if you join the discord you'll get a special role :D

hi, yes it will be, but the editor will still be free

aha yeah we started 'secret' preorders so its fine!

Hey proxymoron thank you for the extensive feedback, this is really useful. Yeah we specifically hid this preorder and didn't announce it anywhere because we meant for this to be more geared towards the fans on discord and the mailing list, who are usually people who have played the game for a lot longer than most.

Hearing you loud and clear about the difficulty, and the full game will build up much more gently and have a bunch of drills and accessibility adjustments for those who need the game more lenient. This is one of the first feedback we have gotten from a less experienced player and its really useful, so thank you for the writeup and the preorder, really appreciate it!

no worries, the editor is free and keeps being updated too if you'd like more RD haha.

thanks for the hype anyway !

thank you so much, it's been a long journey and support like yours make it worthwhile!

thank you! if you are the same exclamation in the discord, congrats on beating it 100% too!

thank you so much backwardflow! Glad you liked that old level that shall never be released again :D

thank you for the money you have tossed kayakazan!! we caught it with gratitude :)

Hi, they're not available any more separately. they will be in the full version of the game!

thanks for the report!

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OH sorry this is the flash version, the flash version unfortunately isn't supported on the app. we thought you were posting in a different comments section at first whoops. sorry!

hey drumstick, sorry to hear that, we will look into it today! do you mind trying it without the itch app first and seeing if it works there?

thank you dear cornerstone of the rd community

ahh thank you ghastly

thanks for supporting us here and on twitter qereweYT, really appreciate it <3

thank you for buying 

Luigi """"""""Fan"""""""" 45

really appreciate it!

thats impressive, nice job! but no cookie i am sorry

Hey, thank you for doing it, really appreciate it!

We have a Brazilian community on already actually! you can join that, but you can make your own if you want too. Thank you ^^

Thanks for helping!

Hey, yeah we hoped to release early last time but it's taken longer than we thought, sorry. We are working on it every day!

haha, sure you can make a game inspired by rhythm doctor. we are inspired by other games too

thank you for the bug report!

hello alexkarate, yeah you are right all my time is being taken by Rhythm Doctor right now. yeah, I do plan to come back to make this game playable again as soon as I can! It's been hard to find time. I'll definitely send a mail to that mailing list to notify the people there about it when its ready though. Thanks for checking in, sorry for how long it's taking!

hey gamerDTN! Haha yeah but its not a priority right now, focusing on steam and switch first

hey joao, we're making a longer version and we'll release it later this year. Sorry!

wow nice!! not many people are able to do that ^^

np, thanks for understanding!

hey SlayerSz, thanks for your message. We're not distributing the demo to anyone yet, even most streamers. It was just a special case for felps sorry! ChocolateJake is not part of our development team.