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This is suffering, got to the long pachinko drop part with the arrows before i finally gave in. I cant believe you managed to make a movement system thats equal parts thinky and actiony. It's so cursed and hilarious. I will be back to finish this!

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After two nights thinking about the final level, i finally beat this! I love how many levels are built around the player teaching themselves something new, with zero words for any of the techniques.

I was stuck for a long time on 'dino' until i went back to fully understand 'bookcase' , solving it 3 different ways. I was understanding the nature of carving more and more.  Dino had a long chain of figuring out where to start, where to end, and solving many mini-challenges along the way.. I felt like i had tried every possible approach and always coming up just a little short, before finding the right one, and probably there would be other people who could just stumble across the right one much earlier. But it felt rewarding to bring the techniques learnt before together in one level. And just the final level being a dino skull itself while being so challenging, love it...

All in all my favourite game i've finished this year. Not even to mention how difficult it looks to have fit it all into pico-8. Thank you for the worms. This joins 'hot knife through butter' and 'sorcerers detritus' as my favourite small puzzle games

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nice! i havent even figured the crab yet, both that and dino look frightening

woo i did crab! dino has had me stuck for 2 days now.  the upper teeth, how??!


i can only think of falling each time after eating upward to make those teeth, but that requires two rows of space to make it happen. so it doesnt seem to give enough material to finish the bottom teeth as well

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Stuck in the exact same way on gravestone! I love it.. i hope to solve before anyone posts a hint or walkthrough... (please dont post, i want this to last me weeks)

Edit: aha just did it! Loved it

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ooh thats a fun solution! i like how it gets the desired sequence within a repeating [13212] loop, wow! (or would, if the momentum was conserved in the physics engine)

That was great! And I'm glad i played it after you implemented both the other comments suggestions (i think). The fast key repeat and little messages made it all the more fun!

this was really cool! great concept and execution! i got 70-something haha, just from not realising its only using the spacebar the first few rounds (i dont know how to read). the challenge of reading and understanding the jokes while keeping the rhythm is uniquely fun

this was great fun to figure out the plan and execute!

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oh! im really curious what the actual method was now haha. guess i shall wait until someone else records their playthrough  :O  [edit: oo i figured it now] as far as i could tell i needed to keep my momentum otherwise i'd be stuck under spikes and unable to jump. I went back and found the secret too, so fun, thanks for the game!

update: one last go on 1.0.6, speedrun

Thank you for playing, and oh no i can see why it would be hard if you havent got a drivers license yet whoops. Its not intuitive at all to figure out parallel parking on your own

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34:21 / 161 (tried ~5min on the web version yesterday too before stopping, so not completely blind)

my gosh...

(rot13: ba zl jro cynl ba zl znpobbx juvpu jnfag erpbeqrq, gur fcvxrf erirny zbzrag 100% jbexrq ba zr orpnhfr v fbzrubj tbg nyy gur whzcf cresrpgyl hagvy gur sbeprq fcvxr frpgvba, znqr zr ynhtu UNUN v ybirq gung fb zhpu

nyfb ybirq erivfvgvat gur fgneg fperra naq gur grafvba bs gur ybat nfprag <3 )

the hold-down to restart key didnt work for me a bunch of times btw! so the autosave came handy

Hi, oh im really sorry about that. If i have the time to figure out how to do that I will let you know for sure. It's from 6 years ago so it might be tricky for me to figure out how, but i appreciate the request, thank you!

my favourite puzzle experience of 2023, really genius

that was fun!

This was amazing! How you made the drop all totally dynamic to let us build up however long we want is sooo satisfying


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i really enjoyed this! this is like the perfect level of thinking for taking a break from work for me, i managed 14 after a few goes.  the mechanic of letting you overlap on existing tiles if it matches is really cool and not something i've seen before. I'd love it if you got round to fixing the matching bugs some time so L shapes were consistent in being eliminated. Thanks for the fun game!

fun! I like the sea theming of it and the big levels, esp the last one. Impressed that it all works so smoothly on mobile

level 10 was SO FUN

everything else was also so fun

i finished most of the levels, even though i didnt get some of the mechanics, that was pretty cool! like a board game. losing hp only if enemies fight on a forest tile is quite unique, it ended up being about manipulating pathfinding for me, so they dont fight on a forest tile

Incredible experience!

Ive figured all the rules now, and this was magnificent. If you liked LOK you're in for a treat. I thought this would be a smaller side project but the revelations about the rules are just as satisfying to get!

i did it!


i thought for the longest time that scrolling down so the game window goes offscreen to deactivate the walls was the intended solution! I was thinking 'weird idea but i guess thats interesting, anticipating the player would be scrolling down to the comments when confused'. Until the last level where that didnt help haha and i figured the actual twist. Fun game!

haha thats a great no ball drag solution. an honor to have you play, i've played and love so many of your games!

Incredible game! I've never played a metroidvania where you can entirely figure out what upgrades you need and how to get them just by looking at the map screen, until now. It's so elegant.


I accidentally read the rule of how the transformations are allowed before playing, and imo it made the experience much better for me that i knew the 2-overlap rule outright. There were enough other things to figure out in the game already that were fun when knowing that rule.

Thank you! I have still yet to beat EXTEN..

Let me know if you find any interesting sequence challenges haha

im glad you think so! i've been toying the idea of a small full game. i'll probably keep tinkering on it, thanks for the comment

loved it! the person at home coming out of the house when we're on the main line is such a heart-warming detail that i was invested getting the protagonist home..

wow a mobile solve, that was some constrained screen space. congratulations!

never seen this solution before, its great!! glad you like the game!

thanks! lol great solution

nice! deleting your solution before this goes public just to not spoil it for others. but congrats

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Hi Hyacinni, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! And glad that spamming worked haha, that's so funny, there was a tile covering the portal tile by accident, so there was a chance you could still hit that portal tile it seems. Thank you for the report!

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Hi rank7bil, sorry for the bug, we've fixed it now! Thank you for the report!

Great game! 

To anyone looking for an easy way to scan QR codes (for some reason my camera app had a lot of trouble scanning these), on Windows you can use Win+Shift+S to copy it to your clipboard, then just paste it here:


fun and devious level designs!

Thank you for the playthrough! It's so good to see all the intended solutions being used haha

david added it to their soundcloud!

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the game feel in this is so satisfying and hilarious, especially pushing against a wall. the intro scene made me laugh as well, lovely!

oh wow 4 puzzles in and these are so elegant...

edit: 10 days later, finished it, one of my favourite puzzle games ever