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Thank you Serp, and glad you've come back!!

Thanks Jackson!

Thank you :) Yes, the editor and user levels is definitely a big part of our game now.

Thanks! Some are secret levels / WIP levels, and some are really just unused haha.

This was hilarious!! Great writing and great gags.

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sorry to hear that, thanks for the report! lemme follow up with you and give you a new unity version of that same level privately

(whoops itch doesnt have a DM function, can you DM me on twitter @7thbeat or email me at half.fizz@gmail.com?

Heh, easter egg! theres some conditions that make that part pop up :P

glad it helped~

you just have to press your spacebar harder, and make sure the noise of you hitting the spacebar is in sync with the music. the travel time of your spacebar makes enough difference between tapping and slamming it. hope that helps

(composer here) Thank you TheSimplify, really glad you like it!! We do have some callbacks to the oriental hiphop style later in the game. For now here's a similar track by The Shanghai Restoration Project you might like: 

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Really glad you like it Nekone, yeah we will be releasing a soundtrack for sure.

Edit: Insomniac unglitched is a cool idea! Might consider that.

ah, thanks for letting us know,  bye!

thanks! Moral support is appreciated :D glad you like the game.

hey! you are noticed :P

1. kindle fire you mean? possibly but no guarantees, and only after the steam version

2. some of them!

3. interesting suggestion, wasnt planning on it. But it would probably take a day to get working if we did do it. do you think its important?

Sorry it's unreasonably strict for you, different people have different expectations for sure. This game has a 0.07-second window on both sides. We chose the stricter side of things for this game, since the difficulty in other areas (multiple buttons, dense inputs per second) are nerfed by the core mechanic. We'd recommend games like Crypt of the Necrodancer if you enjoy more forgiving timing. Thanks for the comment, it's appreciated!

Hey again FingerHD, glad you're excited haha, unfortunately we really can't. It's our first game and so we haven't got a feel of how long things will take, gamedev can be full of surprises. Maybe if we were more experienced we could be confident enough to put a date to it. We'll definitely announce a date when we're closer to release though! The email subscription list at rhythmdr.com is a good idea if you don't want to miss the date if you haven't subscribed already.

thank you!

Interesting to see the differences with my own rhythm game! nice ending sequence. though i think i've damaged my eyes and im still seeing the afterimages.. Also, only with unity can a 1 bit game be 43MB :P

Thanks! I've fixed both issues now!

I decoded 'please' slowly using a morse reference, and then gave up and looked at the source haha. And woah there is a LOT here. Would be really cool to make a post-jam which displayed the text as well, for those who haven't learnt morse by heart. Nice job!

Difficulty curve was perfect! And oh so stylish. Need to learn your little style tricks someday. :) Ended with an E due to that insane (but satisfying) second last stage.

that usually happens if you're using a newer flash projector. if you haven't, can you try using the one thats in the folder by dragging, like in the instructions in the text file? lmk if it doesnt help thanks

your games are great also!! Release quick!

hey, i guess you are talking about the offline version? can you send me an empty email (half.fizz@gmail.com) so i can send you an alternative version of the demo?

sorry about that :( the game is unplayable right now because of the browsers disabling support for the old web player. And making a web compatible version is complicated because the only codebase I have now is more graphics heavy and isnt suited for browser play, and i didn't have a backup of the old one. It'll probably be a while to get it working again.

congrats! enjoy the Secret Level :V


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failed experiments ¯\_()_/¯

(whoops thanks for the reminder, time to clean up those files..)

hi Drag0nWulf, those are online only, sorry for the inconvenience

so, we are actually using this suggestion in the level we're doing now haha. thanks for the idea again!

rofl great effect

hahaha :DD made our day. our artist winston thinks it looks very looney tunes! thanks for the art!!

ah, in that case you can just use the rhythmdr.com signup form :)

Fanart would be awesome!! Haha, thank you for spreading the word

hey selveteen, thank you!! will pass your comments along to winston our sprite guy :D

oh haha the kanye one? you can join our beta (which will be a little earlier) if you wanna help test at the same time - just send me an email - otherwise yeah end of june-ish it is

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Hey Eg-Ge, we are aiming to release on mobile at the end of June, for iOS and Android stores. But why an .ipa, is there no App Store in your country?

Alrighty! here it is:


bonus: http://rhythmdr.com/RDKanye/index.html

let me know if you have any problems and thanks for the kind comments!

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heya, right now that extra standalone level is broken yeah, but we've just set up a new server for our game. I'll probably be able to upload it on there in a few days, will reply to you here when i have!

hey jdfamnlj, thanks for the feedback! yeah the january one is meant to be 'for the person who has never played the game before', its like an alternative first stage. Whereas the december one was for the person who had completed the entire game, so yeah pretty much completely opposite difficulties.

Heartbreaker mode is a cool idea!! Functionally it would be the same as trying to get an S rank (except it just ends automatically rather than you restarting), which is why i wanted to use it only for the challenge levels and boss nightshift modes. But we could do it as a gauntlet, beat many stages in a row on 2-3 lives only. Maybe you have to beat all the levels in that act in a row, with heartbreaker mode, and its also doublespeed?