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sorry about that :( the game is unplayable right now because of the browsers disabling support for the old web player. And making a web compatible version is complicated because the only codebase I have now is more graphics heavy and isnt suited for browser play, and i didn't have a backup of the old one. It'll probably be a while to get it working again.

congrats! enjoy the Secret Level :V


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failed experiments ¯\_()_/¯

(whoops thanks for the reminder, time to clean up those files..)

hi Drag0nWulf, those are online only, sorry for the inconvenience

so, we are actually using this suggestion in the level we're doing now haha. thanks for the idea again!

rofl great effect

hahaha :DD made our day. our artist winston thinks it looks very looney tunes! thanks for the art!!

ah, in that case you can just use the rhythmdr.com signup form :)

Fanart would be awesome!! Haha, thank you for spreading the word

hey selveteen, thank you!! will pass your comments along to winston our sprite guy :D

oh haha the kanye one? you can join our beta (which will be a little earlier) if you wanna help test at the same time - just send me an email - otherwise yeah end of june-ish it is

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Hey Eg-Ge, we are aiming to release on mobile at the end of June, for iOS and Android stores. But why an .ipa, is there no App Store in your country?

Alrighty! here it is:


bonus: http://rhythmdr.com/RDKanye/index.html

let me know if you have any problems and thanks for the kind comments!

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heya, right now that extra standalone level is broken yeah, but we've just set up a new server for our game. I'll probably be able to upload it on there in a few days, will reply to you here when i have!

hey jdfamnlj, thanks for the feedback! yeah the january one is meant to be 'for the person who has never played the game before', its like an alternative first stage. Whereas the december one was for the person who had completed the entire game, so yeah pretty much completely opposite difficulties.

Heartbreaker mode is a cool idea!! Functionally it would be the same as trying to get an S rank (except it just ends automatically rather than you restarting), which is why i wanted to use it only for the challenge levels and boss nightshift modes. But we could do it as a gauntlet, beat many stages in a row on 2-3 lives only. Maybe you have to beat all the levels in that act in a row, with heartbreaker mode, and its also doublespeed?

hey thank you so much for the comment!! dont worry you will get all those level you missed, much better polished, once this full game comes out...

nice to have you on board, i'm looking forward to showing you some tidbits too! :)

Thanks, and yeah we have more levels like that one!

thank you pswjt1! And indeed there is a high chance of mobile, here's a teaser!

Hey Zegooddoctor, you can either reply to the email or, the in-game form appears when you press quit! As for the level, thanks for the feedback, we're indeed nerfing and making some tweaks to address that, e.g. having a few empty counts before the SVT portion. Hopefully that'll keep thethe execution challenge but make it less opaque to figure out. Thanks!

Hey killer avocado, thanks for the suggestion! Yeah actually that's a good glitch effect and fits with gameplay too, we'll see if we can work it in!

They're in their second trimester now. You can play them in a few months once our game is out! Meanwhile we'll definitely send out occasional mini-levels to our newsletter, so go sign up for that if you haven't and are interested :)

Thanks, glad you feel that way! If you haven't, check out the Rhythm Heaven series on the Nintendo consoles too if you like this kind of strictness of error.


oh snap, its not supposed to be a downloadable, looks like dropbox finally disabled hosting web pages. will find an alternative eventually, thanks for the heads up guys

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I dont know anything about that, how very spooky..

(thanks for the feedback! and level editor most probably not on release sorry, but doable for sure, just that it would require a few weeks of extra work to make something user-friendly.)

it is planned!!! shhhh :)

thanks! and that level just goes on forever, sorry!

what do you mean?

thanks! and hah yeah the boss bar thing could be better implemented, we'll probably fix it before release

interesting suggestion, will think about it, thanks! the original aim was to have something that's like super obvious that it was different from both the song, and the moving beats, so that's why i chose a 'beep'. But yeah i can see that it could sound a bit jarring.

This demo was awesome! The narrative and setting and visuals was definitely the strongest part of it. I don't think anyone would say the moving block puzzles added anything to the game (personally it just felt like filler), but everything else, and how narrative choices affect characters stamina, and becomes a language puzzle, is really good. Really want to see where the story goes.

(also one of the battles was unfortunately impossible to complete because of my choices earlier and having not enough health. Hope in the final version there's at least a way to avoid impossible saves that force replaying the game again.)

oh hahah sorry about that. xD it was all improv really, I don't think those fills should be taken as 'official', basically i just recorded my guitar four or five times over to get a layered sound and plucked notes that felt right, and then added some shakers and recorded some rain cuz it happened to be raining when i was recording it haha. If i ever make a video I'll let you know!

woah thank you so much for the donation Huntia!! Really appreciate it :D

yup, but we're planning one with an automatic calibration using your microphone and the (real-life) sound of you hitting the spacebar! That's how the game is meant to be played, but we'll also have manual override for those who'd rather not play by slamming. The difference in travel time between lightly pressing and hitting with force makes about 30ms difference, which is why for this version, it seems a tiny bit off if you're playing without slamming.

hey!! hmm ok here's a really quick guide i just made http://pastebin.com/4zKCHMr3

there are some parts missing but hopefully you can work from that :) Someone also made a tab set to the music which is pretty accurate here too: https://play.riffstation.com/results?q=%22Intimate...

Haha we are doing both those ideas actually, it's going to be great fun. Thanks for the feedback!

so slick. so pretty lighting. so snappy. classic shawn

hey jey, thanks for the kind words!! ah no, the bonus level is just a bonus, after Tier 3, that's the end of the demo :) (except for one more secret level shh)

Full version's coming out next year. If you are up for becoming a tester, you can sign up to the mailing list up there^^^ for a new level each month in the meantime.

thanks break2fast, glad you liked it!