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fun! clever ideas that were fun to discover in all the levels.

Hi, the credits offer was only if you bought it before Dec 14th 2019. That was when we closed the preorders (made it password-protected) and removed the credits bonus from the feature list. There were just too many credits to fit by that point. Appreciate you preordering the game anyway, thank you so much.

Thank you for buying and glad you liked it after all these years, means a lot!

thank you so much!! hope you enjoyed the game!

Thank you for the reminder to update this page plaster haha. RIP Flash, same to you and may 2021 finally be Rhythm Doctor year

Found this via the thinky games Discord and this game is great but above that the music is incredible! This is certainly a new bar in browser pixel puzzle game music

the email on your account! you'll also be able to redeem it logging into directly even if you didn't check your email, since it'll be automatically added to your account.

Hey Razkanaz, sorry for the late reply:

1. it'll be emailed to you!

2. that was only for people who preordered last year unfortunately, before we took down this page publicly and removed the 'special thanks' perk from the list here. The people who preordered when the perk was still advertised should have received the email already last year confirming their credit name. We might decide to still include it as a thanks.txt somewhere in the game files for fun, but we will do an announcement here if we do

pixel pop! both of these were inspired by Rhythm Heaven, you'll definitely like that one if you havent seen it

cool game and fun tech, good job!!!

Oh, I think maybe you didn't extract the zip before playing it? (right-click the zip file, click extract) Let me know if that worked and if it did i'll update the txt file with that instruction. Thank you!

LOL I once got "You were as good as ... a broken guitar string." in RH

hello GreenToxic, wow, thanks a lot!! Our programmer speaks Spanish actually haha, so I will forward this to him. Thank you for the help!

lovely little game!

i see,  thank you!

i just played Tower Join too and the sounds there are so good also omg. Where do you get these sounds, do you record them yourself? Amazing work

the most unexpected part of this was how good the sound design was?!?! i was really jamming with the sfx above the music, that's some intricate systems!

And you make epic levels!

thank you DPS omg i love it

Thanks for the nice words ItsMeBea!

This is incredible!! Thank you for making this Gontt!

This year is what we aim for! And thank you!

haha, it's ok, we'll send the full version to him after the game is finished

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Thank you for playing Matheus, and nice job completing all the preorder levels!

hmm, your email is different from the one on the YouTube channel, his one doesnt have a 0 :O send me an email from the YouTube channel's email if you're legit, there are many scammers these days all the time and we can't tell.

hey Marcizz, thanks for testing, got it, we will try a few more things and let you know via email soon

Hey Marcizz, sorry for the late reply, we will investigate that now! Can you send your output log to so he can see what the error that causes the blank screen? It might be a driver problem or something else. Thanks! 

It’s located in C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\LocalLow\7th Beat Games\[Program or game name]\ as “output_log.txt”. (note that you’ll have to enable “show hidden items” to see the AppData folder.)

Hi Gontt, thanks for the comment. This might happen if you dont extract the files from the zip first, someone else solved this by extracting it. Hope that works!

It just loops forever, that's the end of the demo. Thanks for playing!

Thank you Nick, nice to hear from you again! Haha please don't donate more it's OK, it would make us happier if you treated yourself to something nice instead :P Thanks for your patience!

Hi, the game will be out in 2020. Everyone who has preordered will be getting a bonus reward due to the delay. We'll send an email this week regarding the choice of rewards. Thank you!


Wow congratulations! Thanks for playing till 100%!

Thank you and really glad you enjoyed the game and level editor!

You'll be able to play them regardless! Preorder levels will 99% be in the final game, but if any one of them is cut we'd be releasing them as free levels most probably anyway.

Thank you so much for the kind words, glad you liked it! Hope you will like the full game too!

Check out the entire indienova franchise on klyzx

Hello! You will get the mail later, when the game is close to release, not right now. (If you are asking about the mail for the credits). If you are the one who purchased it 15 hours ago, then we have your email in our records. Thank you very much for your purchase, hope you enjoy the preorder version!

Hello, thank you for the message! You're right and that's the whole mechanic of the gameplay, to introduce a new notation of rhythm different from VSRGs.  Wrote more about it here , and if you don't find it interesting enough to hold your attention then it's not a a game for you. Thanks for playing though :)

oh great, glad you solved it on your own, thank you so much for buying!