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Hello, thank you for the message! You're right and that's the whole mechanic of the gameplay, to introduce a new notation of rhythm different from VSRGs.  Wrote more about it here , and if you don't find it interesting enough to hold your attention then it's not a a game for you. Thanks for playing though :)

oh great, glad you solved it on your own, thank you so much for buying!

Hey, thanks for the question, yes you will! Glad you liked the demo!

thank you so much cinquedia! hearing that you like the game so much makes us really motivated!

Hello Feroand, thank you for your feedback. Right now we are working on a practice mode so you can hear the rhythms and start from anywhere in the stage. We think that will help, it will be out soon for the paid version of the game.

thank you dreamerk, wow midi controller is interesting and i really want to add midi support now. thanks for the idea!

thank you so much for updating the comment. glad you like the game!

thank you so much!

yup, maybe thats why the game is about planets haha

thank you!

thanks! you will get better!

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We've implemented it in the full version of the game! Here's a preview: The full game will be out here in about a day now. Thank you for the idea!

working on it! still!

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This is a really good idea, and you are right its not hard to implement! it does mean that we wont have the dancing colours on each beat though, i will have to try to see if it looks good. Thank you for the suggestion!

Thank you cyborgx7, really glad you found it novel. We were really happy when we came up with the idea and found it worked with all kinds of rhythms.

thanks jackson!

thanks for playing them, appreciate it!

nice, you have it now :)

ooh sorry for missing this comment, we really wanted to hit 2018 but the game still wasn't complete unfortunately. We think it will be just a few more months, but we're releasing a smaller game next week to help people wait in the meantime. happy new year, hope you have a good 2019 and thanks for your support for so long!

wow been a long time, thank you for the preorder! really appreciate your money <3

it turns out we lied about 2018 :( this year for sure!! great you are customer 1 for physical copy

thank you angello, means a lot!

thank you so much, and yeah we're surprised how much you can squeeze out of it too haha

Thanks rikwilbrink! Hearing about people improving their rhythm with this game is my favourite thing, thanks for telling me. I'm glad you understand the timing from the geometry, it's a weird system haha. Good luck with bass playing!

wow nice!!!! i tried it once after seeing this and got 109. you are truly a blop 

why do you bold the first line

what a strange person

Hey gokcankrc, thanks for the comment,By the old version, you mean the one that only works with old browsers? unfortunately i dont think i even have that file anymore, sorry. there wasn't enough difference between the versions that i felt i needed to keep it.  If there's something that feels awkward, maybe you can try the downloadable "Lofi" versions at the bottom of the page. Or maybe you can let me know what is it you miss about the old one, because almost everything is exactly the same, just with more bug fixes and slightly different tile graphics!

it will be whatever the price of $15 steam games usually are in brazil. Looks like about R$ 27?

thanks for the comment! oh your rhythm will get better for sure if you keep playing these kinds of games haha

tier 5 is a bonus and neverending, sorry!! you've basically finished the demo already :D

thanks! and haha

so sorry, chopin is a hardass

Thanks :) yeah China price will be cheaper than US price, its normal for most games on Steam anyway.

thanks SamZane!

oh hahaha, well it is a nice fan-name

oh are you Sound of Mystery?? Haha i just realised maybe it is you :)

hey, wow congrats!! yeah the 'easiest' level is just a bonus extra challenge haha i know its really difficult. thank you for preordering, we are still working hard on the game!


thanks kutark!! see you next BIC :P

Hey, thanks for your question! The phone version will come out much later unfortunately. Right now this preorder is for the pc & mac version only, there's no way to buy for phone yet. Sorry about it!