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Nice pinball game. My personal highscore is 6015. I think it  would be nice if when the timer goes under 10 seconds a clock ticking sound would be hearable.

Nice trick. I think I will fix this after the voting period is over.

Thanks for playing. We use the leaderboard service from

The darkness of the game made it very difficult to me to find the resistors. I think a brighter flashlight could be very helpful.

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Short but nice game. After i found the "Skyrim" ending, I played it a second time and as I walked to the bright door i just fell down into the endless void.

I had much fun playing this game. I havent managed to complete the minigames because the monster was so fast that it always caught me. Thanks to the option to skip the minigames, I was still able to play through the game. The monster looks very scary. I think i cant sleep this night ;-) .

Tolles Spiel.

Ich habe nur eine Frage:

Kann man das Spiel gewinnen und wenn ja wie?