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(Just for the detail): joiplay is an android app based on tools like mkxp (and maybe others), making it possible to run on a phone things like games using RPG Maker Vx Ace and such. (Basically some games have their data and scripts spreadout outside of the executable, so using an application acting like said executable makes it possible to run those scripts and data on inintended hardware/OS) (I think it can be compared to ScummVM for some old PC games or easyrpg-player for rpg maker 2000 and 2k3 games in that sense, though I heard it was not as userfriendly, and has ads).

No idea if joiplay has even VN maker compatibility, but that's the gist of it.

Yes, Linux mint is case sensitive, I believe windows isn't.

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Ok, so to make it easier on your side, please note that the spanish save and load screen are tied to some files, notably two files:
Wet Nightmares Demo/resources/Graphics/Pictures/In-Game UI/LoadGame_Hover.png
Wet Nightmares Demo/resources/Graphics/Pictures/In-Game UI/LoadGame_Idle.png

are not spelled correctly (they are all lowercase instead), renaming them fixes it.

I am unsure this issue happens on windows, as I believe windows is not handling files in a case sensitive way by default for some reason.

This may not be enough for the save, but seems to fix the load

EDIT 2: savegame_idle.png to SaveGame_Idle.png seems to do the trick

Oki, let's gooooo (at least regarding the demo)


1/The "Load game" menu on the spanish version doesn't display anything but the saves thumbnails, it seems they are not responding either. (same for the save menu), CG menu works however.
2/The "Menu" button in game doesn't warn that the game will be existed with risk of progress loss
3/Loading a game while in-game will display the backlog between the moment you click "yes" and the moment the fade out finishes
4/In the loading screen, the thumbnail of File 01 turns blank as you click on any of the thumbnails, it is purely graphical as it'll be back there upon entering the load screen again.
5/Clicking on an empty save when in the load menu asks about loading it, saying yes doesn't do anything besides showing the backlog (see point 3/), clicking anywhere closes the backlog and the game can still be played afterwards.

Pet peeves:
1/Neither the protagonist name nor Samara's are displaying during the dialogs, and the colors between the two aren't that different, making it hard to distinguish exactly who is talking before actually reading the sentence at times.
2/The english version uses the " symbols to wrap texts to differentiate dialogs from thoughts, while the spanish version uses — at the start of spoken dialogue
3/there is a slight height difference with the square that goes round at the end of a sentence : when it is an "empty dialogue", it's higher up that when there's a single line of dialogue.

Glad for:
1/Linux compatible version, It spared me the trouble of grabbing a linux nw.js and replacing files.

If you need more details, please feel free to ask me.

I'm happy that this exists