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I really like the idea of this game, but I have a question about combat. How do you determine if a shot hits? And how do I know when the duel is over?

Looks really cool, but I have a question: should it be roll 2d6 to determine the starting area, since you can't roll a 12 with just one d6?

I love the typography and how easy to use the rules are!

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I really the island-building component of the game and I'm looking forward to trying it out! The issue I was experiencing earlier with the PDF looks like it was related to the way Firefox rendered the file, because other apps load it fine. Not sure if this is just an issue with my PDF viewer or what, but the second page doesn't have anything on it other than the section about what the Queens represent, but the promo images on the project page show other text in addition to the stuff about Queen cards.

I wasn't familiar with Warlock's Rules of Order prior to seeing them in this jam. When I looked them up, I could find a few mentions of them, but no information about the story behind them. Anybody know more about how they originated?

I appreciate you pushing back the deadline for this project. Although I'm on track to finish my project before the original end date, it's nice to have a little bit more room just in case things take extra time.

I love this addition! It's a better, more chaotic way to accomplish the same goal. Thanks so much!

Hey there; just read through The Mariner and I like it! How did you decide to base your game on the poem? Completely coincidentally, I also made a Wretched & Alone game about despair on open water. I've got some community copies available if you want to check it out. It's called "The Final Voyage of the Edmund Fitzgerald."

I liked how you were able to integrated inspiration from House of Leaves into the Wretched and Alone framework. It works well!

Another typo in the same section (Win Conditions, pg 9), the last sentence in that section should "or alter the chances" instead of "or atler the chances" This is a great document, though, and I'm glad you made it!

There is some real power here. Good job!